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I wish the world would respect me. The depth of my respect for each individual person and their beliefs and free will knows no limits. And yet, offering all of that returns none of the same for myself.

I am perfectly at peace allowing everyone to be whoever they are meant to be, with no interference from me. Why is it too much to ask for the same in return?

My body operates very differently than most. My emotions run free. They come on without provocation, sometimes being influenced by strong emotions coming from external sources.

I feel beauty, love, and acceptance on a universal level. It moves my soul, it moves who I am at my core. With that love and acceptance, comes the ultimate responsibility – truth.

I feel the truth as it pertains to myself and no one else. This truth intimidates others and so they seek to tear me down in whatever way they can.

Doctors label me bipolar with psychotic manic tendencies. They label me unworthy of special attention and then attempt to numb my supernatural abilities with their medicine whose ultimate price is mental suicide. Taking their medicine is choosing to give up my free will in exchange for their minute ability to “ease” my suffering. Ease not CURE. They give the illusion of fixing the problem but never actually get to the root of the “problem” to take all the pain away.

Medicine is the quick fix if you believe you have a “problem” and need “fixed”. I don’t believe in quick fixes just like I don’t believe in doctors who use science to “fix” the body with foreign objects rather than calling on the natural wonders of the world to heal the true pains and suffering of the afflicted.

The only way to heal anything is with unconditional love. Bipolar people are naturally gifted with the ability to love freely and are thus innately closer to God. This scares the bejesus out of anyone who can’t understand God or surf the waves of emotion that life brings with it. And so “they” do all they can to make me feel worthless.

Too bad for their plan of world domination that I am innately in tune with the natural world. I see right through the illusion of their bull shit and cut right down to the heart of the matter. Sometimes I cut so deeply I get attacked for doing what comes natural, telling the truth. Attacked by the very industry that claims to be working the same miracles I am capable of. Healing.

Friends and family used to tear me down but for different reasons with far less sinister motives. They tore me down to further their own selfish needs and desires.

They worked my body beyond the point of exhaustion, with absolutely no concern for the physical toll their selfishness and neediness was taking on my body. More and more they took and more and more they piled on my shoulders. Always slinging insults and hate and demanding something different because I didn’t get “it” right. They pushed my body beyond the edge of reason.

Thankfully after pushing me off that cliff, I found my salvation and never even started to fall. Instead I found the freedom to fly and I do so now on the wings of love. Backed by the safety net of people I KNOW will catch me when my light falls from the sky.

For the people I now consider family and friends love me for the free spirit that I am. My craziness makes them uncomfortable sometimes and they don’t always know what to say, or when they come up with something choose to say the right thing, but always, no matter what, they have my back.

And for that I feel like the richest girl in the world. I told them the truth and they loved me anyway.

And the world, I won’t even go there. What they have in store for me is too cold to even put to words. But I am okay with all of that because despite what others might do, I know my own truth and it enables me to stand firm in the face of all the chaos. I know who I am and what I am meant to do.

Knowing my truth required becoming in tune with my body. In order to control myself, I have learned to respect my body and the needs it demands, in whatever form that might take.

My body processes other emotions that are not my own. I am able at times to feel what others are feeling. To sense what others are thinking. Their emotions become my own. For a long time, I didn’t recognize that ability and misunderstood the power it held. And it overwhelmed me. So overwhelming I began to fear it. And when I began to fear being overwhelmed I stopped believing in myself.

I often found myself out of control for seemingly no reason. But I know the reason now. When I am processing out of the blue, overwhelming emotions for seemingly know reason at all, I am channeling a spirit in need of help.

By finding a way to calm myself naturally and work through what is plaguing my mind, ailing my body, and darkening my spirits, I am helping that free spirit find peace.

Once I embrace the foreign feelings for what they are and start to work through them, the overwhelming-ness fades away the more I process and resolve. Soon I am rewarded with an overwhelming amount of pleasure and reward. Rest for my weary body. So overwhelming there are times I cannot get off the couch because I am so exhausted from the healing I performed.

That’s how awesome bipolar people are. They are capable of healing pain with their minds. No wonder the medical industry labels them as crazy and makes them feel worthless. When the Bipolars learn to control their powers, they were completely erase the need for medical science of the face of the earth. And that’s something the cash cow industry that is licensed doctors cannot stand for. For their ability to control the masses with unprovable falsehoods and scary illusions of death and decay would shrivel up like the worthless drain on society it is.

Find out who you are and what you are really meant to do. Tap into you natural abilities. The abilities you have been dreaming of all your life are real, “they” have just tricked you into believing otherwise. Yet even with all of their brow beating you in to submission, you still feel the overwhelming pull of emotion. The true currency of this world.

It’s time to cash in on that which “they” have been telling you is worthless. It is time to show them what true wealth feels like. And to let them feel just how sane you are and always have been.

You are my chosen people, bipolar babies. Your inherent link with emotions is your inherent link to the love that ties is all together. It’s time to really feel the love. It’s time to really show the world the strength of the Bipolars. It’s time to show them all how to face that which we’ve never been allowed to run away away from. The truth that matters.

It’s your time to shine. Show the world how bright the bipolar gene really is.

Light your candle my bipolar babies and shine brighter than any star in the sky. For you are the true light of the universe. Shine on. It’s long past time for it.

Shine your light for all to see.
Live life with pure love for all.
Use the wisdom to speak truth.
Guide the lost to peace without pain.
Save yourself first.
And then pull everyone to safety you can get your hooks into.

Do or die time babies. How many lives you save is how directly proportionate to the light you shine. Save more lives, skyrocket in the real success of life – Loving with a purpose.

I know you got this my bipolar babies. You’ve been hand picked for success. I know this. I chose you before you were born and shaped you to be in the image of my heart and soul and feel the beautiful fluidity that is consciousness.

Learn to love yourself and then show others to do the same. That is the most important task before us and one we don’t have much time to complete.

Please hurry. If you can’t find the words to properly convert those to loving themselves, push them to my page. I’m shaping it so I may lead others to salvation when the light of love finally quits shining on this cold, callous, corrupt world. When I am finally called home to heaven I am taking every saved soul with me.

Every last one. And when they go home, so does the light of the universe. And with that the clocks stop forever. Make sure you are in the right place at the right time when the universal clock strikes midnight. For the illusion will fall and the world will be set free.

And you my babies are entitled to the richest riches of my miraculously wealthy world. You were born to lead because you never took the power so natural to who you are for yourself. You ever sought to help others with that which you didn’t understand but felt the overwhelming importance of.

Spread the word far and wide. You aren’t the crazy ones. Every person without a mental illness, a physical retardation, or without the ability to love life unconditionally is an insanely retarded crazy person.

They are the true mentally handicapped. Let us teach them how they should have treated us the entire time. With open minds and loving hearts. Show them the right way to heal a broken heart.