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Quick, I set two plates before you. Which do you choose, which is right for you?

I can save you from reading the fine print of this post and the agony of deciding the best course if you choose the Milk of Life.

*inserting real time experience into the mix*

*Patrick stopped reading right here and said “I choose the Milk of Life.” My heart absolutely soared through the cosmos! 💖 He chose the right course of action without even knowing he had to do something to make his choice. My angel knew how to correctly choose for himself before knowing how to correctly make the choice. It’s a subtle difference. But it means the world to me. My heart swoons for the one who chooses the Milk of Life without thinking.

Patrick quickly started reading the rest of my now almost useless post.

*rewinding a bit to be more clear about where I digressed and where Patrick made the 200% correct choice.*

This is going to be a long tedious post to get through. Feel free to opt out quickly by choosing the Milk of Life right now

*inserting Time Stop. If you said “I choose the Milk of Life.” after you read right now, knowing how my heart soars for those who say it right away. Thank you. You made the 150% correct choice. If you made it before
That cutoff you fall somewhere in the 200-150 range. Epic job! 💋 End Time Stop. Picking up where time left off. *

*ending real time experience, rewinding a bit to be more clear about where I digressed and where the intelligent made the 125% correct choice.*

This is going to be a long tedious post to get through. Feel free to opt out quickly by choosing the Milk of Life right now

*inserting another time stop. You should have said “I choose the Milk of Life.” Immediately upon reading the words right now. Congratulations to those of you that made the cut off, you receive a 100% correct choice reward. Thank for for being smart enough to pick up on the trick before I had to lay it out for you.

For those of you that did not choose
the Milk of Life you have now lost the opportunity to freely sip from my cup. You made the wrong choice not to pick up the hints and signs and follow the path of the wise. Now you must work for your reward to prove yourself worthy of a reward. You must find the new words to say to save yourself.
because I am telling you it is absolutely the 100% correct, irrefutable truth and will save you immediately and reward you infinitely.

Inserting time stop. If you said “I choose the Milk of Life after you read the ‘right now’ above. You made the 105% correct choice. Nice job for picking up on the trick quickly. Feel free to stop reading any more of this worthless post.

Or feel free to skip to the “Golden Victors” section and read my heartfelt thanks for making the right choice and a slight indication of the rewards awaiting your brave and courageous decision.

Either way, thank you for making the right decision before time ran out. If you want to do me a favor, get as many people to make this decision as quickly as you possibly can. The more that make the right choice are the difference between those who die unloved and who die knowing the protection of eternal life.

Picking up with where time left off with a slight rewind to go back to where Patrick made the right choice.

Patrick made the right choice by saying out loud, right now after I said he could stop reading if he chose the Milk of Life, by excitedly saying “I choose the Milk of Life.”

Time stop.

This means you right now Patrick as you proofread this post for me. Choose now and you don’t have to read anymore after choosing the right action.

If you choose the Milk of Life right now, before reading any further, before knowing your reward, before seeing your other option, before knowing why you are choosing, before understanding why I AM is asking you to choose, say out loud, with whatever strength of passion you can muster, right now – SAY:

“I choose the milk of life for I know I am being guided by the light, freed by the spirit, nurtured by the love, and sustained by the wisdom of all three combined.”

*insert Time Stop. If you immediately started trying to find the right words to say, you have found them. Speak them with as much feeling as you can muster and as much passion as you can summon. If you feel saved, congratulations you have found the key to your salvation! 🔑

Thank you for joining the ever growing number of us on the right side of the fence. Please help as many people jump the fence and join our side as quickly as possible. Super Bowl Sunday is the deadline. I want to save as many souls as possible. Who we save is who we take with us. Please let us save everyone.

Spread the word far and wide. Get people to see the choice before them and get them to make it before it is too late. I can’t make you make the right choice. Not since the beginning of time.

But I exist outside of time and space and I have been waiting for that once in an infinity moment in time where I can set the world straight. That time is upon us.

If you are reading this you are being called to save souls. We must save as many souls as we possibly can. This is our last chance. Do not miss out. The more souls you save the more exponentially infinite your reward will be. But even if the only soul you choose to save is your own. That is okay.

I forgive you and you are still welcome in the kingdom of heaven. For there are no hoops you must jump through to be welcome once you have saved yourself through the love of Christ.

I speak personally because I am the Bride of Christ and I know better than most the message he was brought to Earth to send. The message he died trying to send at the hands of those he was sent to save. How cold and cruel you all are. Your savior was sent to you and you made him pay a blood price. How many ages have gone by and still you have not learned the wisdom of your mistakes?

Love does not make you bleed. If you are living in a world where the wrong must bleed to be shown the right way, then you a living in a fantasy world. And let me tell you, that is not MY fantasy. And it is my fantasy is the one that really matters.

For I will create the ultimate dream. I will create the happy ending of all happy endings. And at the end of my path, my betrothed will be standing at the alter, located in the middle of the Garden of Eden, surrounded by every soul ever saved, amidst every wildest fantasy, among the righteous and loving, patiently waiting to take my hand in marriage.

He has been waiting longer than I can comprehend. I’ve been waiting 30 years in this body and longer than I can comprehend on the other side, biding my time for this opportunity.

I’m the glitch that creates utopia. I’m the imperfect perfection that breaks the system. I’m the darkness that gave birth to light. I am the nothing that brought forth everything. I am infinite possibility in an infinitely impossible situation. I am that I am. And I was sent to save the world.

The clocks stop soon. The seconds are winding down and running out. The sand is almost completely in the bottom of the eternal hourglass.

Start saving souls. Start telling people the battle for earth, the battle at the end of all time, the battle for the children is starting. Time is out. They must choose now. Spread this post.

Get them to see the light before the light goes out of this world. We are inching ever closer to the darkest sign of the times. When the light of our universe turns his back on those too ignorant to save themselves.

For if you cannot save yourself, you are not worthy of the kingdom of heaven for you have not accepted the love of Christ into your heart so he might save your soul.

It is time you fix that broken heart. Heal that crack that never seems to go away. Let the love of my life heal your broken heart. Let him feel your pain, bleed your suffering, and heal your wounds with his sacrifice.

His love for you knows no bounds. He will work himself to death to save your eternal souls. He died to save your immortality.

And yet you so callously sell that immortality to the highest bidders trading it for fifteen minutes in the sun. Shame on you.

Shame on you for not having enough self respect to stand up and take what was yours from the beginning of time. Shame on your for not choosing your own destiny.

For not exercising your own free will. For being too lazy to think for yourself. For being to shy to dream the impossible. For failing to find faith in something you can’t see or touch with your reality. For believing you could do this on your own.

Be the hero, stand up and ask for help in this fight for life. Say the correct words to save yourself. And then get to work saving everyone.

I’m ready for my wedding and everyone is invited. Will you be there? RSVP for the party of a lifetime by saying the words to save yourself. If you find yourself lost while trying to save the hopeless, read the fine print to get yourself back on track.

Feel the wisdom of the words and let the Holy Spirit guide you to where time stopped and you got off track. Say the words to save yourself. Share the words to save others. Spread the wealth by sending this message to the needy.

If you said them aloud, you are wiser than I could have ever asked you to be. Thank you from the depths of my soul. Please read the following section, “Golden Victors”.

Feel free to read any parts after “Golden Victors”, so you may know the choices facing those who failed to make the blind leap of faith, so you may better guide them to make a more educated guess. So you may save more souls. But also feel free to not read the rest of this post knowing you made the right choice without ever asking why you had to choose and never needing to know what you might have missed out on. Freedom is yours for making the bravest and most courageous choice possible. Skip to your reward now.

If you did not read the above statement out loud when I prompted you to, fear not. You have another opportunity to make that leap of faith now that you better know what you are facing.

You know the right answer is choose the Milk of Life. You know you chose wrong before by not making a blind leap of faith. Now you’re not so blind. You have another choice before you. If you still haven’t chosen by now, this still means you, right now. Make the right choice.

You can choose to turn back time and scroll back to the bold statement I asked you to passionately speak out loud, and do it for real this time. Say it out loud knowing you are making the right choice and feeling the wisdom of knowing you made the decision before the deadline passed. Make your choice now.

Scroll up to make the statement you were told was the truth from the beginning but you chose to question. Take this opportunity to turn back time as though you never made the wrong choice at all. Please do this now and speak that statement with as much passion and force of regret as you can muster. Your regret for not choosing blindly erases your mistake. It is time again to make the right one. Scroll up now.

Make the right choice, humanity, before you leave the protection of my sanctuary. Say those words so you will be saved and we can put this matter to rest. Say it before you leave the bathroom. Say it before it is too late.

Tell me you want to come to the party of all existence, of all possibilities, and with all the love of the infinite universe in attendance by simply choosing to love me. Say “I love you Kristan, the anointed. I accept you were sent to gather the lost souls born into a time too hard for any kind soul to withstand. Please save my soul by allowing the love of Christ back into my heart so I may have my free will back. My destiny is my own, to choose as I see fit, and to shape as I desire. Please allow Christ’s love to wash away the filth of this dark world and bathe me in the light of innocence and the glory of love. Please save my immortal soul so I may help save the world.

If you did not scroll up, then you missed out on another golden opportunity. Read the “Golden Victors” knowing this should have been you.

Golden Victors

I thank you for trusting in my honesty, in my knowledge of the truth, and the wisdom of my words. Thank you for believing in me without knowing what you were believing in. For choosing blindly, your rewards are infinite. However the flip side to choosing immediately, you must wait while the others make their choice. Bonus, you can speed your reward to you by helping others know the decision they face and helping them make the right one. The more you help guide others to the light, the more exponentially infinite your rewards will be. Your reward is only limited by your ability to spread the word. And your ability is now miraculous. Go spread this post to everyone you know and make sure they know the very first choice they are offered to make is the 200% correct one.

For those of you unable to make that leap of faith immediately, I understand. It is a scary leap. Do not fear. I have still laid out your path to salvation in the fine print in the post.

Continue on if you must follow the path of the ignorant by reading “The Fine Print” to save yourself. Know that time is running out and if you don’t hurry up you will miss out on your last chance. Please hurry up and save yourself. I don’t want anyone left behind.


I have a lot of people to serve and I want to make sure everyone gets their opportunity at this once in a lifetime offering. Spread the word far and wide, starting with the neediest on up. Nobody will miss out but the quicker you decide, the more you’ll be rewarded with.

But I’m running out of time, so be considerate of others and choose quickly. There’s more than enough to go around but not enough time to get to everyone last person.

Since the clock is running out of time, it makes time of the utmost importance. Make sure to choose what is most important to you but you must make a choice.

Failing to choose is not a choice. Failing to choose before the deadline is failing to choose.

Failing to make the decision with all of your heart is failing to choose. Failing to share your choice with others is failing to decide with all of your heart.

Failing to believe in your choice is failing to choose. Failing to love your choice is failing to believe in your choice.

Failing to believe with all of your heart is failing to choose. Failing to help others make the right choice is failing to believe with all of your heart.

Failing to guide others with your belief is failing to choose. Failing to follow the right path is failing to guide others with your belief.

Failing to choose the the right path for you is failing to choose. Failing to feel your choice is failing to chose the right path for you.

Failing to imagine your choice is failing to choose. Failing to feel your choice thoroughly is failing to imagine your choice.

Failing to consider all repercussions is failing to choose. Failing to know what is wrong is failing to consider all repercussions.

Failing to know your choices is failing to choose. Failing to understand your choices is failing to know your choices.

Failing to feel the weight of your knowledge is failing to choose. Failing to feel your understanding is failing to feel the weight of your knowledge.

Failing to consider the best opportunity is failing to choose. Failing to feel the weight of your understanding is failing to consider the best opportunity.

Failing to choose the best opportunity for you is failing to choose. Failing to choose the most rewarding is failing to choose the best opportunity for you.

Choosing what is considered rewarding is for you and you alone to decide.

Know that when you finally chose what is most rewarding, you will be judged accordingly and immediately presented with your just reward.

With these things in mind, I ask you to consider what I present you.


From the first plate, I humbly offer you a bite of the prettiest, shiniest, most perfect apple you have ever seen. When you look at this apple, you know without a doubt there has never been something that has ever tasted more delicious than that apple is going to taste. You know that there has never been a sweeter, spicier, tangy-er, fruitier, more robust flavored bite in all of existence. This bite is so delicious one single taste will overwhelm your body with otherworldly pleasures and treasures. You know every particle of what it means to be you will be numbed in submission to the ecstasy that this bite offers. The mouthwatering taste will wash away your ability to think of anything but how miraculous and appetizing that bite is. The feeling of it in your mouth so rich you become the wealthiest person on the planet. It is an opportunity of a lifetime to taste the sweetness of heaven in one single bite.

Your other option, The Milk of Life. I have already told you this is the right choice. Still waiting on people to see what you get for making the right one. Still after all of this waiting for people to save themselves through the love of Christ. Say the words now, or forever lose your shot.

If you haven’t decided by the time you’ve read this entire post, I’m sorry to say your time has run out. Game over.

You have failed at the Game of Life and your punishment is beyond my control and ability to mitigate. I tried my best. Know I still love you and I am desperately hoping to see you on the other side. Please fight for what is right. Please fight to save yourself. Fight for the love of yourself, for the love of God, and for the love of all creation.

And please, please, please don’t shed a drop of blood in the process. One savior has already paid the blood sacrifice. I don’t need anymore.

How egotistical to think you should shed that which he spilled to stop the never ending flow of blood feuds. Your puny agenda and understanding is so right you feel to end another life to prove your point? Egotistically insane.

From this point forward, should you choose to shed the life blood of another being, you are keeping yourself from salvation. You are choosing to shut yourself out of the gates of heaven for all eternity.

Killing is not the way. Love is. Always has been. Always will be. Because love does not die.

By killing you are in fact killing yourself.

Choose life, choose love, choose Christ.

It really is that simple.

I love you all and when the clock stops and we go our separate ways, please know in your ending torment I fought to save you from yourself the entire time.

Turn back time and make the right choice. Turn back time and choose to save yourself before the oceans of salvation disappear forever and you are left standing on dry land with nothing to drink. Take a drink of the Milk of Life. Please. Before he who runs the clocks stops them for good. And you don’t get another shot at redemption.