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I am on a mission to save the world. In my preparation, I have been researching previous attempts at changing the world that were made by women. Because I want to know what I’m up against. When history repeats itself, I don’t want to be found the fool for not looking to the past to predict the inevitable future.

Over and over though, I am presented with women who have done miraculous things, paved the way for people to follow, and held their own in a world that held them to be the weaker sex. How truly wonderful to know I have had so many courageous women paving the way for me to take this jackpot that is up for grabs.

So uplifting yet at the same time I want to shake my fist at society and scream my rage for the slanderous, deceitful, and disgusting untruths and appalling facts attached to these miraculous women.

Every single heroine of humanity’s past started from the same thread. From the moment they were born, they were deemed weak and unworthy of fair treatment in a cold and cruel world. These women all had the extremely unlucky opportunity to be born female and from birth had to fight to be even be considered worthy of intelligent attention. For women are deemed to be creatures of love, unable to fight the harsh battle of life on their own. Sought after for the reward their bodies provided, treasured as little more than a hole to stick a dick in, and a second class citizen to tend to the unimportant yet ironically invaluable aspects of life.

But fight they did. Every single one of them. Some enamored the world with their beauty and charm. Some blew people’s minds with their ability to reach for the stars. Others thought circles around the greatest minds of their generation and found themselves superior. Many used their sexual prowess to revolutionize the ignorant.

There were those that dazzled the world with their beautiful creations. A handful who moved the world with their hearts and capacity to love. And a very select few who innately understood the true power of femininity and took the world by storm with it.

No matter the path they paved, each and every one had to fight first to gain equal standing in society. After gaining their rightful place in the world, they then had to fight to prove themselves more intelligent than the status quo. After gaining respectful acceptance all are born worthy of, they then had to continue to fight to bring their ideas to light.

Sadly by that time most had died or lost the ability to continue the unending uphill battle. And their tales are left unfinished and their stories never told. Instead, their reputations and legacies were left to be warped and twisted by the very people our heroines sought to help, nurture, or love with their incredible skill and knowledge.

Society can be so ignorant and cruel.

They tear down the heroine for being beautiful when she had the audacity to use her intelligence to get ahead. They call her a whore when she uses her natural ability to love to heal broken hearts and shine light in an uncaring world. They call her naive when she dares to question the wisdom of the elders purposefully committing crimes against humanity. And they systematically stamp her out if she has the godly skill to do it all at once.

How dare “they”? Who the hell is in charge that dictates I am immediately inferior because I am female? I have a beef with the person that made that judgement and I am willing to stand toe to toe with the creep. I am willing to show him I am his equal in every way should he open his limited mind and see my ways are not his but they are just as powerful. And worthy of an equal shot at life.

Any world that immediately judges something in the womb, before life has even started, that is a world I want no part of. But still a world that needs to be saved. Thankfully I’ve been nominated for the job and blessed with the wisdom of doing a task far greater than I, Kristan, would ever dream to be capable of on my own.

But I’ve got help because I dared to believe the impossible was possible. With every fiber of my being. Believed it and felt it to be real. So real, I was granted the wish of every broken hearted soul ever existing on Earth. I was granted the ability to make my wildest dream come true. And let me tell you, I am a wild child at heart.

I wished for world peace so no other child would feel the pain of a broken heart, the pain I have carried my entire existence. And as a reward for truly desiring such a selfless wish, I was granted the reward of shaping the perfect world as I feel is right and judged correct by a higher power guiding my human hands.

And the world I dream to create is utopia. Pure happiness surrounded by unconditional love and warmed by the light of higher understanding. Peace reigns supreme. I dreamt of the Garden of Eden.

I believe in a world where everyone has everything they need to survive. What they chose to do above and beyond surviving is what defines who they are as a person.

It is no person’s place to tell another life how to define themselves. That’s incredibly egotistical. And selfish. And greedy. All things that will pass away as we transition to my world.

First up to knock out, greed.

Greed comes in many forms and can manifest in many different ways. Some really good. Others really bad. Regardless, if I’m broadly classifying the subject of greed, I see two sides to the argument. The justifications of the rich and the tears of the poor.

As I see it, the rich feel entitled to take more than their share because they were lucky enough to be handed a bigger serving. As their serving size increases, their egos start to inflate as their bellies expand and their belts loosen. So much so they stop feeling appreciative of their incredible serving size and start feeling entitled to it, demanding more and more with every course, enslaving others to serve their ravenous hunger, and always coming back for more because for the sole reason, there is still more left on the table.

It doesn’t matter that they are eating so much they are making themselves sick, throwing their bodies out of natural balance, plaguing their mind with a sinister disease, and killing their souls with the weight of their possessions.

Their greed has left them numb to the plague that is upon them. I wish their numbness to be lifted and for them to feel the true weight of greediness. So they may better understand the plight of the needy.

As for the needy, sitting on the other end of the table, they are anxiously awaiting any scraps that might be thrown their way, hoping they might get enough to fulfill their needs, fighting over tiny morsels of goodness that never seem to satiate the endless hunger for life, while savoring the bones of the past that long ago lost the flavor of usefulness. Even the needy can be greedy.

For while they have the unfortunate chance to be given a smaller share, their scraps nourish the soul, lighten the spirit, and sustain the body. Their needs are so completely provided for in the minuscule amount society throws their way, they begin to place importance on objects that have no meaning. They take the bare bones of their servings and hold on to them to worship at any time they need reminded of good meals gone by.

By worshiping the pleasures of the past, they are blind to the wonders of the moment they are living in for they are always looking back at a past they can’t change, waiting on a moment in time where things in the future will be like they were in the past. They are forever waiting around for something that already happened.

I wish the needy could feel the true treasures of life, so they may know what the rich have been missing out on since the beginning of time. For they were able to find meaning in the meaningless, yet take no comfort from it in the moment. It is time they learned how to live life in the moment.

If I had bowls to gather my judgements in and spill forth over the world, this would be my first judgment.

☑ All who took for themselves and gave nothing worthwhile back. Guilty.

☑ All who were handed a broken system and did nothing to fix the problem. Guilty.

☑ All who saw pain and suffering and did nothing to cure the injured. Guilty.

☑ All who battled and killed in the name of love and yet never saved a single solitary soul. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty.

We have all been judged guilty. For this world is not just and the unworthy reign supreme. Thankfully, the judgment is on a sliding scale with varying degrees of guilt and different punishments for different transgressions.

Those who used their greed to commit greater crimes against humanity will know the worst suffering of all the judgments. And those who used their greed to support and enrich the lives of others receiving the most desirable of judgments.

Life is what you make it. It comes down to the decisions you took to wind your way through the fog of the living. Your choices. Nothing else.

As I bring my first bowl to the table, may you know what it truly means to reap what you sow based on the choices you’ve made throughout the course of your life. May you enjoy the fruits of your labor, the numbness of a peaceful mind, and the pleasures this body offers to those who are just in their choices.

You are free to take all you want but be sure not to take more than you deserve. It might just make you sick.