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My husband came to visit me last night. I have been really starting to crave his loving presence in my day to day life. Tonight we did nothing more than sit on the couch, incredibly close for comfort, and laughed along to South Park – A show which completely tickles my brand of crazy in their socially accurate depiction of main stream issues facing America. Tonight was amazing.

So blissful I drifted off to sleep with him right there beside me. Ooops! How nice it was to be able to feel his comforting touch as I drifted off to sleep, to have his solid presence beside me as I slept, and his handsome face right there as I woke up. Too bad he had to jet back to where he is staying while we are apart. Darn realities of this world.

Can’t always live in the dream… Yet.

While trying to nurse myself to sleep after a very difficult goodbye, I started checking in on the blogs I followed. Checking to make sure there weren’t any gems I missed because of a faulty Reader. I found one.

“It’s been said that for those who believe, no proof is necessary, and for those who do not, no proof will be sufficient. This is one of those things for most people. What you know in your heart, is your own truth. It is yours, and no one else’s. Don’t let that truth become less than the beautiful light it is because a third-party perspective cannot see, feel or understand what you know in your heart.”
– Confessions of a Spirit Messenger

I am so glad I stumbled across this. It is a perfect message for my bipolar babies.

Over and over and over I read my comrades in arms, fighting the battle to be well, knocking down social stereotypes, batting away ignorance, and sharing an abundance of love to all… To all except their own self.

Tearing themselves down for making the same mistakes mainstream society is notorious for, insulting their bodies for daring to be different, rejecting their talent because it manifests in a socially weird manner, basically just hating on themselves. But why?

Because we are crazy? So what? Tell me why that should matter. I talk to “healthy” people all the time that are not mentally ill and they tell me all the time how crazy they are, how hard their lives are, and how chaotic life in general is. So who really are the crazy people?

The people whose bodies can handle the natural ebbs and flows of life or the people who unnaturally squeeze themselves to fit into a box and feel insane the entire time? How about nobody is crazy and everyone just is who they are.

If there is one thing I could implant firmly in every bipolar angel I come across, it is this:

Your body is eerily communicative, your feelings are highly accurate, and your mind is miraculous in its capabilities and creativity. You are a natural at sailing the waves of life, riding the tides of emotions, and anchoring yourself to the present. Literally a natural. Your body ‘dis’functions this way.

Why would you ever let society, people, or yourself ever make you believe otherwise? They cannot know how wonderful it is to be you. Just like you cannot make them understand how hard it is to live a bipolar life. That’s okay. This isn’t about what they believe or understand.

This is all about you. What you believe is real. What you believe is possible. What you believe is right and wrong…for you. What you believe is crazy.

Don’t care what the crazy world defines you as. Define yourself in a crazy world. Then go out and write your definition for the world to see.

It’s time the world gets a dose of what it is like to live life for real.