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I have been rather limited on my posts recently. My life is picking up in ways that allow me to express myself in nonverbal methods and slowing down in ways to reliably communicate online. I have been taking full advantage of my silence.

And much to my surprise, it has been physically exhausting doing something completely mental. It’s a good kind of exhaustion though. The type that leaves you feeling happy and accomplished as you close your eyes to rest.

Check out what I’ve been working on.


This is my very first painting. My husband gifted me with an acrylic paint set to test my hand at painting. To see if I enjoy it, if it enhances my drawings, and if I have potential. I gathered all the brushes I had hoarded over the years and excitedly tested my hand at different brush strokes with different applications of pressure with varying degrees of wrist movements.

I had a blast slopping paint on the paper and getting a feel for what it was like to be allowed to add color to my soul. As you can see it was kind of an explosion.

An explosion of color, texture, transparency, shading, blending, and overlapping all on one tiny sheet. Perhaps you can see me in the middle of the chaos, having the time of my life. Dancing the “Phoebe” dance. Thank you for the Friends reference Patrick.


After looking back at my first painting and analyzing the process of creating it, I realized I didn’t really enjoy any of the brushes I had used. The all felt too thick. So I went digging for an old brush I vaguely remember keeping to use when I painted details on my nails (that happens about once every four blue moons). When I found it I immediately felt like I could do something different because it had a tiny little brush head barely able to hold any paint at all. Perfect! Can’t paint thick lines if you can’t hold a lot of paint.

Also, since I was so over the top with color in the first painting, I wanted to try my hand at something more sedated and not quite so loud. The pencil drawing had a landscape feel to it so I took the four different greens I had along with a little white and a dollop of yellow to create this painting.

Immediately the brush felt much more natural to me. I enjoyed the detail it provided compared to my first painting. I could paint fine lines, tiny strokes, and still have the freedom to slop on paint for blending.

For me this second photo is more eye catching than the first. While the first brings more life and excitement to my mind when I look at it, this one makes me want to look longer and figure out what the hell I’m looking at. The first makes me feel happy while admiring but not necessarily want a deeper look. I like both but for different reasons.

After really liking my first two attempts and loving the brush I used in the second painting, I was eager to get started on my third piece. I had a drawing I stopped working on but didn’t feel was finished, yet I wasn’t sure how to continue, which was why I left it in the first place. Painting sounded like a perfect fit for this drawing. Perhaps I couldn’t finish it because there’s only so much to do with a number two pencil.

I liked the contrast of colors from the first painting, the depth in variety of shades from the second, and the overall feelings evoked when looking at them. But I wanted to play up everything a bit without getting lost in it.

So that was my gameplan for this picture. I took my time and used the colors of the rainbow. I started with the warm shades. Jumped to the cool side of the spectrum and then filled in and wrapped everything together with the most calming color of all, green. Which to me is neither warm nor cool but a temperate mix of two extremes.

When I look at this photo I feel like I did an amazing job of projecting myself onto a piece of paper. Whin is beautiful to me. And that’s all I can ask for when I’m creating.

Hopefully someone out there will think I am talented and want to help me on my path.

I laugh to myself because an ironic thought just hit me. How funny is it that the girl meant to save the world is an artist because shouldn’t the perfect world be a work of art? Hehehe 😇

I love my brand of crazy.