This story is beyond beautiful. The life lesson you can take from it, breath-taking.

Life around you has meaning. Every detail of your life is a nostalgic sentimental piece of the puzzle waiting to be clicked into place.

Look up. Look around. Talk to someone. Talk to yourself. Find your details and give them meaning.

You’ll never look at things the same way again.


My bus arrived on time in spite of the foul weather. I shook my umbrella, climbed the steps, and headed straight for the empty seat beside Marble Lady. I call her that now because last week she cleaned her purse during our morning commute and we discussed the small green marble she discovered in its zippered pocket. She’d found the marble in her yard, dropped it into her purse thinking it may have once belonged to her now adult son, and thought no more about it until she came across it that day on the bus. After we talked, she realized her sentimental feelings attached to it and instead of getting rid of the marble, she kept it.

This morning she faced the window when I boarded the bus. As I sat down she turned to give a “good morning” nod to whoever it was beside her. Seeing me, she…

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