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I have a general game plan of how I need to save the world. Woot!

1. Awaken those around me.

The real world thrives on keeping people down and separated. Hatred, judgment, and comparison are taught from a young age to keep ignorant families enslaving their children to a treacherous society. That is a brutal truth to accept and an even harder one for people to believe. So I’m coming at it from a different angle.

I’m coming full force with the power of love. The key ingredient in success and the leading reason our world is failing. Don’t tell people they are wrong. Show them there is another way and let them choose what works best for their lifestyle.

This is a multifaceted problem I’m looking to tackle. Love permeates every aspect of our lives. Starting with our own selves, our family, friends, community, work, life, and even society. I work to demonstrate the type of love I expect my utopia to be full of every day of my life.

I have had to start REALLY small and show people what it means to love yourself enough to stand up and tell everyone they DO NOT KNOW what is best for me, when I cannot even say what is wrong with myself. To love myself enough to embrace the crazy and flash the world with it. I have had to stand up to teach the world how to respect another crippled human being. I have to show the world what it means to truly love the one thing to which love should flow to and from effortlessly.

Small instruction to love oneself but it has huge implications. How can I build a world to make even one person happy when not one person can tell me what they would do in the perfect world? Small baby steps. It has to start small to get my ball rolling.

**Get people to figure out what it takes to be happy in life.**

Quick shortcut for the advanced: Find your purpose in life.

2. Build a community based on love and respect.

There is not one place I can go in this world where I can be myself and not expect to have to “hear it” from someone for having the audacity to think outside of the societal box that is currently caging the world.

I live and I am different. And I suffer endless persecution for my continued inability to “fall in line”. Head to toe, I have dangerous curves. I was not born to fall in line. So I won’t. And I refuse to continue to degrade myself and feel like less than human when I live, love, and breath like everyone else on this planet. Why should I deserve less? Why should anyone deserve less when we are all the same?

And so I’m going to draw my own curvy line around the world hoping to connect all the dots and pieces that are feeling like outliers. People left outside of a box that doesn’t work for them, begging for scraps that never come, desperate for the chance to love the life they were born to live.

I seek to connect those dots and create a safety net for the others too weak to stand outside in the rain by themselves. Once we connect the outliers, others won’t feel so scared to admit they’ve bought in with their lives to a system hell bent on twisting their souls from its true purpose.

Others won’t be afraid to jump ship and start swimming for safer shores. Others will finally start to see my footprints in the sand to show them the path back to the Garden of Eden, to utopia, to paradise.

I seek every day to exhibit the values I expect of my community. I am open and honest with myself and with others. You may not always know what to expect from me, but you can always expect the real me. I seek to build relationships centered around love and acceptance, that nurture and fulfill the heart and soul, and grow exponentially as time passes.

I seek to build relationships that nurture the community AND the individual simultaneously, bringing both together to create something exponentially better for one and all.

3. Create a lifestyle to create, support, sustain, and grow my community.

I absolutely detest the concept of money. It is nothing more than a simplified way of comparing unequal items in an unfair and unjust way. As such, I detest the idea of having to make money. But I do live in the real world and recognize that you cannot live (until I have my way) without money.

Therefore I am seeking to redefine how money should be used. I will sell my soul to the highest bidder. I put my work, my words, my art, my time, my energy, my soul out there for the world to compensate. If you like what I’m doing, feel what I’m feeling, understand what I’m saying, or somehow manage to love me, maybe you could buy a piece of art of mine. Or employ me to help you in some way. I’m good at most things. And I will take whatever you can afford to give me and feel my effort is worth to you. Truly you can dictate the terms of our financial arrangement. If you want your money to go to painting houses, done. To playing flowers in my utopia, granted. To bringing food to the helpless, in a heart beat. Tell me how to use your money to best fix up my utopia.

When you give me your money, unless otherwise indicated, know that I will first use it to provide roof, utilities, and food for myself and my family. Once society’s demanded payments for daring to be born are paid, I will use every dime of my money to build an actual working community I can display to the world. To show them a minuscule version of the utopia I’m building.

I plan to take over a city. I’m hoping it will be my hometown of Akron as I hold it so close to my heart. We’ll see. That’s still a long ways off. Trying not to get too far ahead of myself.

First I need to create a beautiful community to live in. That takes money and people. The two hardest things to come by in this day and age.

Oh the work I have ahead. But I’m making progress. Today’s plans are more clear and concise than yesterday. All I can ask for when saving the world.