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I am trying over and over to explain that I walk and talk with God…in a reality that does not yet exist, from a not too distant future that has not yet been shaped, all inside my mind’s eye. What thoughts, ideas, and feelings I have are not my own. But rather I am channeling this fountain of information through my mind’s eye, using my spirit to lend it words, and my tiny little body to share it any way I can.

What tremendous effort it takes is beyond comprehension. But that’s why I am crazy, because I no longer recognize my “illness” as such but rather a negative opinion of parts of myself I didn’t understand physically manifesting as pain and suffering and depression. The effort I put forth to be me is enough to fulfill my calling. I don’t need to torment myself for the great role that was planned for me. The once in existence chance to create peace for all. The role was offered to me and I gladly took it up. Before I was ever even born.

Somebody has known who I am for a long time and chose to let me forget myself rather than stepping into the shoes I was born to walk in. Well I cleared the fog and I’m know a lot more about myself.

I am self-obsessed so I would ask the questions no one is willing to ask themselves. I am self-absorbed so I would remember to think of myself first in a world full of crazy. I am egotistical because I can naturally tap into a wealth of information no one has been brave enough to trust. I am wild because I am filled with the spirit of the lions.

I was the first to find my way but I will not be the last. I embraced the crazy and I saw the Face of God. It’s time for everyone to embrace their dark side. Get to know that which you’ve been hiding from the the world and learn to love it.

I did and I am fucking crazy! I believe I am the light to shine the way. I believe The Holy Spirit is my soul, while I keep love incarnate alive in my heart, blessed with the body of a god (woman), the power of man, and the wisdom of all combined. There is no package more complete than I.

I am the holy grail, the Burmese falcon, and the ark of the covenant wrapped up into one too tiny human package sent to Earth to show you the way back to planet earth. There’s a subtle difference there but it makes a world of difference. If you can feel it, you and I are on the same page.

Not many people are following my page, so I must not be helping people grasp what I’m desperate to make known.

All of this information I have at my disposal is meant to guide people to the understanding I have gained. I only speak the truth. I only seek to guide. I never seek to harm. I come to share the light, the true wealth of the universe. I come with nothing but unconditional love in my heart.

Since I cannot seem to get my point across, I thought a picture might help show you what I’m working with.

What do you see when you look at my hand drawn portrait of God?

Did a word jump out at you? Maybe a few? Is it just a jumble of words to you? Did you see the underlying meaning behind the words? Did the words evoke any feelings? Did the words mean anything to you? Did you see the connection between the words?

Were you only looking at the words?

If yes, then you will never see the Face of God when you look at my drawing. Instead you will only find ways to describe a god. Look past the words and FEEL what I’m trying to show you. Use your eyes to connect to the feeling behind the work of art.

The Face of God is the canvas upon which the words take definition. How could you ever paint that which you paint upon?

But there’s more to the Face of God than just what you can see. For there’s a depth that knows no bounds. For behind the veil of words, there is a wealth of knowledge that knows no limits. Words seek to define that which has no definition. How could you ever understand that which is beyond comprehension?

Finally, the last aspect of God’s Face that is hardest to wrap your mind around, is that God is everything. How can you see the Face of God when he is the light enabling your vision?

God is not one word. Not two or even every single word ever created, spoken, thought, across all spans of time, in all reaches of the galaxy. He is not a concept to be understood. He is more than a feeling. More than a life. More than existence.

God just is. As we are meant to be. The sooner you are able to wrap your mind around that, the less sense this reality will make and the more sense you will make of life.

Then we can get to throwing a party to celebrate his triumphant return!