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I found the cure to that which ails all. The cure to the broken heart. The cure to pain and suffering. And the cure to the darkness that permeates this earth.

I found the love. I found the peace. I found the light. I found the perfect recipe for true success in life. I found the cure for a brighter tomorrow.

It is easy for the dreamers to understand so I will speak in your terms first.

Cure for a brighter tomorrow:

Take all of the unfulfilled dreams of the past and add to it all of the unthought hopes of the future and you will find a life worth living. And it is in leading a valuable life that the cure lies.

It is time to show people how to love life. It is time to show people how to live life. It is time to show people how to shine. It is time to do all three at once. It is time to show them ourselves in all our beautiful glory – every incarnation of time at once.

Unlimited rest for the weary.
No rest for the wicked.
A brighter tomorrow.
Love for one and all.

It’s time to rest your weary soul. But before you turn out your lights, won’t you please let me see how brightly you can shine? Won’t you shine your inner light for the world to see? Won’t you light the path for me to find my way back home?

Make me feel your love. In the best way possible. For all the right reasons. For now and forever.

Let your light shine. Let it shine. Let it shine. Let it shine.