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I made a post on Facebook asking all of my friends to like the post if they promised to accept me as I am. I gave them a twenty four hour deadline. Of all the many friends I had, only twelve liked my post. By the deadline at 12 on January 12.

Twelve. Twelve believers who believed in me before I had any proof to show them. Twelve people on January 12. Twelve likes before twelve. I love irony. And I love coincidences. I love my life.

Wouldn’t it be cool if I somehow managed to scrape together 144,000 together? I would imagine something cosmically appropriate would be likely to happen.

Warning. Crazy triggers going off all over the place. I am out of my mind!

I am the most egotistical matyr you will ever meet. I kind of have a god complex. I say kind of because I don’t believe I am a god. Not even close. 100% human.

However I am endlessly powerful compared to the powerless that permeate this reality. I’m itching to test out these powers I believe I have, don’t know what they are, understand they don’t exist yet, but am going out of my mind to understand the disconnect I am feeling.

Tonight when I attempt to dream, it will be of my Garden of Eden. I want to have my wedding there. I think it would be the perfect location for a wedding.

I’m like the ultimate BrideZilla. I’m not walking down the aisle until my “husband” brings my dreams to life. I want the perfect wedding. I want to show the world what the perfect wedding would be like. I want them to feel the depth of love I have for my “husband”. I want them to know how completely accepting he is of me. To show you that love has no end and hearts have no limits.

And in my dreams the perfect wedding takes place in the Garden of Eden where peace and love reign supreme.

When I dream. I dream big and I include everyone in my dreams. Because I love you all. Thank you for listening to my crazy. It means the world to me.

Won’t you dream of your perfect wedding too? It’s so romantic to think of is trying to dream the same dream. And so I will lay down attempting to focus my power on dreaming the impossible dream, living the impossible possibility, loving the impossible life. Oh how I hope you join me in my dreams.

I don’t like to brag but I kind of like them. A lot.