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I am looking to start building my community. My community welcomes all walks of life. I don’t care what you’ve done. All I care is what you do from this moment on.

Wall the path of love and I welcome you to join me in the Garden I’m looking to rebuild.

If you want to know the random thoughts that are popping into my head, I welcome you to head on over to my Facebook page where I’m more likely to spit out one liners and other simpler statements.

My only request: please come find me with love in your heart. The community I wish to build is based solely around unconditional love and acceptance. Judgement and violent attacks against my mental stability will be deleted and blocked immediately. I want friends not frenemies.

I promise in return to continue to bare my soul with nothing but cold brutal honesty coming from the depths of my heart. With nothing but love for everything that it means to be you. Whatever shape you might take, whatever fault you might find in yourself, whatever you might feel. I accept you as you are meant to be. Perfect in your imperfection.

Take a browse around my blog. Get a feel for who I am. I am pretty crazy and believe some pretty incredible things. I don’t ask you believe the same thing, I ask that you just believe I am me. Which is who I am meant to be.

The name is Kristan Kenimond. Hope to see you on the flip side.