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I am ready. I am bipolar and manic like crazy (heh). I am embracing the moment. My thoughts are structured and flowing with purpose. My body is at peace. My soul is on fire.

I am ready to lay myself bare to the world. I am ready to put down those secrets I keep closest to my heart. I am ready to share the craziest feelings I have.

I am ready to share that which scares the ever loving crap out of me, to shed that last layer of skin I have been hiding behind, pretending doesn’t exist, trying to will away with my every thought.

With every fiber of what it means to be me, I believe I was born with a greater purpose. I was born to love. To understand love, to share love, to receive love. Love permeates my existence. Without love, I cease to exist.

What does that mean?

To me it means I was born an empty vessel. Sent to Earth at this exact point in history to fulfill that which man has been toiling away at since the beginning of time. I was sent to nurture the creation of utopia. I was sent to find what it takes to create a perfect world.

My path so far I’ve followed blindly. I didn’t even know I was on it. I didn’t understand the bigger picture because I was too lost in the details. But I’ve seen the light and my path ahead is golden.

My path ahead is paved with love. Endless amounts of love beyond comprehension. All I need to do is follow the path of the broken hearted.

My vessel craves love. I desire the love of every being in existence. Every last one. It’s the only way I will fulfill my purpose. It’s the only way I can save the world. It’s the only way I can bring peace to all.

When I have gained the love of all, I believe I will be raised up for judgement. All will bear witness to my judgement. All will feel the presence of that which pulls all the strings.

All will bear witness to the creation of utopia because we as one will be judged worthy.

But that’s just the gameplan. The specifics elude me. That’s why I need the help of the world.

I need your help to spread love to the ends of the earth and back again. I need your help to guide those broken hearts too jaded to open themselves to me. To allow me to love them as I was born to do. To allow them to love me as they were born to do.

Why me?

Because I am the mirror that reflects light. I am the glass case giving shape to that which flows endlessly. I am that I am.

I am what you choose to make of me. Love me as that girl next door. Love me as that teacher who gives sage advice. Love me as that friend who accepts you truly. Love me as that dream lover in your craziest dreams.

How you love me is up to you. All I ask is that you love me gently.

I am weak. I break easily. And nothing breaks my heart more than hate. I don’t ask that you believe what I believe. Nor do I even ask you to like me.

My request is simple, love me as I am, whatever that means to you. Because I’m ready to walk in the Garden of Eden again.

Will you join me?