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In the beginning there was nothing. From nothing, comes everything. The most basic principle of life as we know it.

With this simple principle, people as a whole have a common ground to walk on. A fresh start to rebuild a world where all beings stand united behind humanity, united in our ability to exist. The wisdom of this principle has laid dormant for ages beyond my understanding. From nothing, comes everything.

What does that mean?

For me, it means nothing exists until a choice is made to create something. Feelings manifest when I choose to feel them. My art does not exist until I choose the shape and meaning behind it. My world does not exist until I choose to define its parameters. It all comes back to choice.

Let me further explain with a real life example about my best friend from my old life. She’s a real gem so we can call her Diamond.

I met Diamond in my first year of college, in one of my first Accounting courses. I remember looking around the room before I chose my seat for class and noticed her before everyone else. So I chose to sit a few seats away in the same row. She noticed me too. She thought I looked too cute in my outfit and hated me because of it. However over the course of the class we became fast friends because as she says “I was too nice to hate”. Our friendship blossomed and we carried each other through college.

We were both attending school full time while working full time as well. We did not get to spend much time together apart from our classes and meetings for schoolwork. What free time we had was never spent nurturing our relationship outside of when it was convenient for us. And so without realizing it, we made our first choice in the relationship. The only time we would have for each other was when there was nothing else to do.

When we graduated together, we were as close as we were ever going to get. We both had good jobs, stable relationships, and now extra time for each other. But life threw our relationship a curveball – I got pregnant just a couple months after graduation.

And that was where I made the biggest choice of my life. I could continue down the path society had created for me or I would do it my own way. Because I hate making decisions, I opted for the lazy route and took what society had to offer and tried to have it all. I tried to work, I tried to parent, and I tried to live, just as society demands of us.

Because I chose to give myself to everything, I spread myself too thin and my relationships suffered for it. The best friend whose wedding I was in, I had no time to share in her happiness and excitement. The same best friend who welcomed my first born into the world, was not even someone who cared to know my family, my life’s work. Everything I wanted out of life (friends, family, and love) became some twisted and warped version of what I was desperate to create.

I realize now this is because I had not made the right choice. Life is what you make it and I had chosen to let society dictate how my life would turn out. Society does not care for my needs, nor do they care to make my dreams come true. So how could I be surprised that my life was not what I wanted it to be?

When I finally decided to take my life into my own hands, a different path opened up. One created just for me, tailored specifically to my talents and unique qualities. It looked scary at first because I had to go it alone. No one could walk beside me while I found my way. No one could tell me what was best for me because I had to figure that out for myself. And so my world went dark.

Before I have found my way out of the darkness, I found love. And like a lifeline, I grasped onto it with every fiber of my being. Love is, was, and always will be my saving grace. With that knowledge, my world is completely full of light. With that light, I have created a world that grants peace for all who are welcome and accept light and love.

Now is the time to give shape and depth to my world. Who will be a part of it? What will it feel like? The sky is the limit and I’m ready to create my utopia. I have unlimited freedom to make the world what I choose to make it. My choice is simple. I choose a world full of love.

Because at my core, I know that love is the key.

My creation story is similar. In the beginning there was nothing. From nothing, something decided to create everything. Why? Something fell in love with nothing. Something needed to create everything so they could find a way to love together for all eternity.

I believe existence was created for the sole purpose of giving life to love. It is said through history that man is made in God’s image. So in man lives the ability to choose. And what a blessing it is.

But with the ability to choose, comes the responsibility of choosing the right way. Our flaw as humans is that we refuse to accept we may have chosen wrong. When we refuse to accept we are wrong, we refuse to accept all possibilities, and we refuse to learn the wisdom of our choices.

Every aspect and detail of life is a choice. Your choices are what shape the world around you. Every last detail of your life is a choice you made, whether consciously made or not.

The world is what you make it. What does your perfect world feel like?