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My heart breaks for the children of the world. Their innocence is shattered before they ever learn to dream. Why tell children to reach for the stars when we never make them believe they can fly? It’s past time to give our babies back their wings. They are the future for a reason. Let their innocence guide our way. Children are born ignorant of the crimes against humanity so let us learn from this principle and never scar them with our reality, what has become our twisted version of the truth.

If you never learn that hate exists, then you won’t be tempted to hate. If you never learn to harm another being with hate, then the temptation to harm is removed.  Build a future for your children free of differences that tear us apart. Create the world you wished your parents had created for you. Dream of the ways you would help guide people away from hate and into the arms of love. Feel the forgiveness you seek and in turn share the forgiveness that we are all born worthy of. And when given the choice between loving and hating, always always always choose love. For if we never give hate control, how will it ever blacken our beautiful souls and hearts again?

Our children deserve their innocence until they choose to walk away from it. In the perfect world, they would be protected from all that would make them lose their angelic wings. Our children deserve to dream in their colors, their shapes, their definitions, their language. They deserve to fly, to see sights we never imagined possible. They deserve to truly know what it means to be alive without ever fearing the natural death that takes each and one of us alike. They deserve perfection without the misery and pain that comes with .

The world we live in is far from perfect. So I ask, is this really the best we can offer after how many ages of man? Death, famine, and suffering all over the place. Families torn apart. Belief in love at an all time low. Nations warring. Civilizations failing. The earth dying beneath our feet.

Have we not learned anything since the dawn of mankind? After all this time, how have we still not figured it out? How are we still unable to live together on this giant planet?

I think it’s time to stand up and say we got it wrong. Somewhere, someway, somehow we got off track. I don’t care what brought us here. I just care how we fix it.

How do we fix the world for our babies?

I believe the first step is to forgive ourselves for the mistakes of the past, accept the truth of our shared reality, and learn our lessons from the pain and suffering that presently exists for countless people worldwide. From top to bottom we should stand as people and join hands in a commitment to make life better for everyone, regardless of their circumstance. Let the haters learn to love, let the sinners learn to save, and let the wounded begin to heal.