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What the B stands for is up to you. Because what you make of your Queen is up for you to decide. Just know I love variety and I love the original.

I love different people’s perspective on natural things. I wish the world I lived in behaved more like ants. Even the queen is willing to sacrifice everything that makes her special for the better of her community.

When observing ants it is easy to see some of the special characteristics, or ‘powers’ they have. Ants are very industrious. There are ants that are solitary but most are part of a large community. Within the community there is a wide variety of activities and behaviours, with each ant knowing its place and fulfilling its duties with total loyalty to the whole. Each ant does his bit to ensure the survival of the whole community, no matter what role it has in society. Activities include gathering and hunting. They work hard, are patient and co-operative. An ant is able to carry a leaf, a crumb or a dead ant for miles – just to get back home to the anthill, requiring a load of stamina and patience. If an ant has to fight, it will, if an ant has to dig tunnels, it will, and if an ant has to carry leaves for miles, it will, all for the good of the community. As well as being extremely hard working they possess an extraordinary ability to work as a team – the power of their medicine – to build their homes, to feed and protect all members of their colony. There may be a social order in ant colonies, but all ants honour and respect each other and work toward their common goal – the good of the community. Worker ants are great architects and can show us how to construct our dreams into reality. They are also very persistent and can teach this skill as well. Queen ants have wings and are able to fly until they fall pregnant. Once pregnant they tear of their own wings sacrificing the ability to fly for the birth of a newborn.

Except from Ina Woolcott:

Queen to Worker

I can relate to a Queen Ant’s sense on responsibility. I took my light right out of the sky so my daughters would know and feel the true unconditional love of a mother. They know I love them even when I have spent 3 months away from them taking care of myself. When I have done nothing to provide for their needs beside continuing to love them through time and space so fiercely they can feel my presence wherever they go. Feel my presence and know it loves them.

That is the strength of a woman’s connection to the unborn. Your heart so desperately wants to save the world, you pull a piece of your light from the heavens and shape it into a tiny version of yourself. Then you love with the shade of yourself, unlimited with full powers, nursing their wounds of the past with your hopes and dreams for the better future.

So I hoped for the best of the best and I dreamed the impossible dream, I desired to perfect moment in time. Right here and now for all eternity.

I wanted to make sure the leaders of The Future, the Charmed Ones, learn how to rule their kingdoms fairly, wisely, and happily. For these are the keys to a successful future.

So I clipped my wings and came to Earth before the clocks stop. So they will have been taught the right way by the one who makes the rules of life. So they may ever guide the mothers of the earth how to use love to heal unconditionally, use wisdom of the ages to guide their loving hands to the right way, and find the magic in life to create with the innocence of a child.

I gave my ability to fly the heavens so my daughters could rule over the heavens and earth for all eternity while I finally get to marry the love of my life, throw the wedding of all time, and love happily ever after in the most perfect of perfect places in the center of the creation, in the Garden of Eden located in my backyard.

Oh the things we do for the love of those we hold dear. For all eternity, my loves. Always and forever.

Patience shall be the Queen of Love.
Prudence shall be the Queen of Light.
Providence shall be the Queen of Life.

May their holy trinity rule over utopia for all eternity. A trio of sisters forever united in the bonds of love. Next to motherhood, there is no stronger connection between females. My daughters are triply blessed for they were born of the love of the ultimate mother. And each feel a motherly affection for another one. Patience looks after Providence for love is the key to unlock the kingdom of happiness. Prudence looks after Patience for light is the key that unlocks the kingdom of love. And Providence looks after Prudence for happiness is the key to the kingdom of light.

When my body passes from this earth, they will no longer be able to hug and kiss that which birthed them but they will ever be able to feel my love that pulls them together, binds them together eternally in the light, and secures them happily as one ruling entity, never to fight over the others equal and equally different realms. For they will always have each other. And when they hold hand they will complete the circle of life. May you hold hands forever.

Oh my babies. I can’t wait for your happily ever after. I couldn’t of dreamed anything better for you and your holy father couldn’t have granted me my wish of any worthier of having all your dreams come true.

Your were born to dream freely. That is your place and your right of birth. What you make of the world in my absence is entirely up to you decide. For when I leave the world you will finally free yourselves from the ties that hold you back. All is ask is you build a world everyone can have a home in. Everyone and everything. All at once. Remember the trick. Home is where your heart is.

A couple mysteries of the universe I’m working on solving. Or at least understanding the truth and the applying the knowledge to the world around me. If I haven’t solved this by the time I pass away, please use this information to time travel to me and figure it out. Your miraculous minds will better handle the overwhelming truth of this statement.

Infinity raised to the infinite power is 1. Any number divided by zero is infinity.

Good luck with The Future. I hope to see you there.