Thank you so much for putting together this course. I really feel I got a lot of good information, made great leaps in stats, and happened to stumble across some of the best people. I truly was unaware how supportive the blogging community is. Thank you so much for everything.

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We’re thrilled that so many of you had such a great experience in Blogging 201: Branding, Growth, and Traffic. Looking at the feedback, the vast majority of you are happier with your blogs, feel like you’ve refined your brands, and are more confident bloggers.

What does this actually look like? We did a little digging into the data to see if there were changes we could quantify. Were there ever!

First off, you made a huge impact on as a whole. The 1,100 of you who blog on were personally responsible for:


That’s a whole lot of blogospheric love. Of course, it makes sense when you consider how many pageviews y’all generated for one another:


But enough about the big picture. What about your blogs? The goal of this challenge was to help you develop your focus and following, right?

(You may want to sit down for this next…

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