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May 21, 2014

Day 1: Dilemma 1

I did not need much sleep this morning. Everything around us felt chaotic, sleep wasn’t going to happen in the way my body needed. After exactly two hours of sleep I awoke at 5am to finish packing the really important stuff. I woke Patrick up around 6:30am so we could rent the Uhaul truck to move what few things the family felt they needed to keep.

We were immediately faced with our first dilemma of many more to come that day. It was 6:45am and Uhaul opened at 7:00. We needed to leave immediately to be there right when they opened. We felt we needed to be there right at 7:00 enable as much box loading before our 9:30am eviction time.

Our dilemma revolved around the children. Getting the kids up and ready would take at least twenty minutes, if we’re lucky. When you add that to loading the kids up and drive time, we would be close to 7:30 before we even got to rent the truck, leaving us only about 90 minutes to load everything up. So we talked and decided we would wake up Patience to come sit downstairs and watch TV while Patrick and I ran to the Uhaul store, not even ten minutes away.

We both felt strongly we needed to keep in constant contact with Patience. She is an extremely responsible six year old, but she is still six and could get scared very easily. Patrick checked to make sure Patience knew how to contact mommy and daddy should our call get disconnected. He went over and over and over it – Patience knew to stay in touch with Mommy and Daddy, even if our call ended. Meanwhile Mommy grabbed the baby, loaded up the car, and came back in to check on things. When we left, both girls were awake and laying sleepily on the couch, with Patience looking extremely proud we were trusting her with such a big task.

Despite believing wholeheartedly the girls were safe, Patrick and I flew to the Uhaul store. Leaving the girls wasn’t anywhere near our favorite idea, but desperate times call for desperate measures. We left the house at 6:58am. I was back home by 7:23. I remember this vividly because the time is the same as my birthday, and how could I not make that connection? When I arrived back at home, the girls were still on the couch watching the very same show as when I had left. Not surprisingly, after 25 minutes alone, the girls were exactly as we left them.

Apparently that isn’t good enough for the government, who feels the need to stick their big fat greedy noses in everyone’s business, even when we don’t need the help. When Patience went to school, she was beyond stoked with the responsibility we had set on her shoulders. The entire twenty minute drive to school was spent listening to her just positively chatter away about how happy she was being a big girl. So happy. She was so excited she decided to tell the “Tiger Ticket Lady” at school.

This is where it goes all wrong. In my daughter’s excitement to show off how responsible she is, she told an adult at a public school about the events of the morning. That horrible woman drilled Patience with questions and then immediately went to a phone and contacted children services. Yes, let me repeat that. A well-behaved, intelligent student bragged about being granted additional responsibilities. This person heard her excitement and immediately ran to the government. That woman called children services, alleging child neglect and child endangerment on not only Patience but all three children, one of whom was with me. That woman heard a happy child and sought to tear it apart. Because the government told her to do that.

And so on a day where I literally watched my things being broken and dragged out to the curb by my slumlord, Jamie, property manager of J&J Management of Akron, Ohio and his two little minions, I now had to deal with CHILDREN SERVICES. While the case worker that showed up was wonderful and tried to calm my fears, she was never going to succeed. While she may be a wonderful person, she works for a completely corrupt agency. Sadly this makes her part of the problem too because she enforces the overstepping arm of the law. Despite the fact that I made a parental decision, having weighed out our options in a very stressed time, and deemed my child safe, the government is coming to give us their opinion on whether I am actually a good parent.

I did not violate a single law according to the caseworker, yet I spent over three hours trying to go through the very messy details of my life and it is MESSY. Despite children services getting involved due to alleged neglect, she couldn’t fail to notice all of our stuff being set on the curb and immediately asked about that. And so I started our long, discombobulated story. A story that started back in 2011 when Patrick’s father passed away. That woman wanted to know about events that took place over the course of our entire relationship, thirteen years of details she wants for an event that happened today.What happened to the notion of breaking laws before government intervention?

The government had a required set of questions this woman had to ask and because it is the government anything less than full unfiltered cooperation would result in a case being opened against my family. While she told us we had not broken a single law the government still felt the need to intervene. Thirteen times during the course of our three hour conversation, that woman told me she has a minimum of 45-60 days to open a case. Thirteen times she told me this but not once would she confirm my children weren’t at risk to be taken from the home. Two whole months this woman told me she would be looking into every detail of our life. Background checks, medical records (for myself, Patrick, and all three girls), interviewing family members and friends, inspection of our house, inspection of anything they want. I lost count how many authorizations I had to sign, giving the government complete access to every sordid detail of my life. They certainly make sure to get their corruption into every last part of your life. I did not break any laws. I made a choice based on a situation I am intimately aware of. Can the government say the same?

It just makes me rage. The government needs to go down. We have moved so far past innocent until proven guilty now we are being harassed for not agreeing with their OPINIONS on how we should act. Again their opinions and not laws. Those thieves only look at us and see money. Because taking children away from families equals money. Money for the government, money for the families who foster children while their parents are “rehabilitated”. Money, money, money.

Screw that. Screw you United States Government and Screw you Children Services. You are not concerned with the welfare of children. Take off your white hats you’ve donned and stop preaching to us how holy you are. When I told Patience that it was a very real possibility the government was coming to take her, Prudence, and Providence away, she broke down. Because that’s what taking a child from their family does, it breaks them down. I’m tired of these greedy criminals telling me they are protecting me and my children, and yet causing so much pain and devastation in their mad quest to tear America apart at the seams.

It makes me sad that I have to live in a country that is so broken. It is run by a bunch of liars and criminals, overflowing with idiots who care nothing about how bad their lives are but only how much money is in their bank account. The current motto, signed into law in 1956, “In God we Trust” seems to be a little dated.

America doesn’t know God. They turned from him a long time ago and refuse to see him. Instead they worship at the feet of money. Money buys happiness in the United States, or at least the pitiful version money can provide. We call ourselves free, which is true. However, we fail to admit that our freedom is directly proportional to our bank account. You don’t have much in one, you won’t have much of the latter.

I say it is time for a new law to be passed. Let’s put aside all the lies. Let’s call a spade a spade. America is home of the rich and of the poor people who dream of being rich. We worship money and everything it can provide us.

New motto time: In Money we Trust

Short, simple, but brutally honest.