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I love when fate intervenes. I did not want to pack anything. I have been packing the house by myself for Patrick because I promised I would. He has been less than helpful while he has been stressed out. I understand. I used to be the same way and become completely helpless when stress was through the roof. Believe me, his stress level is at the max.

So that brings us to today. No truck rented, looking like no possibility of it. We went to pick up the truck this morning and they need a credit card to ping a dollar charge against. Can’t ping a bank account that has no money in it. And so we are left without a truck.

I tried to tell Patrick we aren’t meant to take all of this shit with us. The universe is screaming at us to leave everything behind. We can’t even get a truck to put the few things we were willing to take. Yet and still, Patrick is trying to get himself a truck.

While I sit at home surrounded by a houseful of things I have absolutely no attachment to trying to cram everything my husband thinks is going to make him happy into the back of our tiny almost out of fuel car.

I’m happy and yet he isn’t. I have no material things and no desire for them. I’m happy and yet he isn’t. Why can’t he see happiness doesn’t lie in silly little things we fill our houses with?

Happiness lies in the family we have that sticks together. We are losing everything and we will remain happy because we have the only thing that matters in this life.

We have love. True unconditional love. And for that reason alone, we are the richest people on Earth.

Because that’s what the Kenimonds do.