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Mr. Anonymous is absolutely without a doubt being judgmental. He came to my blog, to offer his uninformed, unkind, and unsolicited opinion on a matter he admittedly did not know about. As his offensive opinion was given on my blog, which is entirely about my thoughts and opinions on my personal life, I took offense to his words. Thus making his message offensive.

And let’s not banter about being judgmental, Mr. Anonymous came to my blog to be rude.

I’m sure this Patrick is a nice person but” — No Mr. Anonymous – you are not sure Patrick is a nice person. Since you are completely Anonymous I would have reason to believe you may have never met Patrick a day in your life. How could you speak on the type of person he is? You can’t and yet you would make such a statement. But I see through your crap, Mr. Anonymous. You would leave this seemingly nice comment so you can continue on with an otherwise rude comment. Saying something nice so you can say something rude, still makes you rude. I see your silly tricks and I am not going to let someone pretend otherwise.

Patrick may hold himself to a higher standard then most men but the only standard that matters is Gods.” Again about Patrick, Mr. Anonymous. You don’t know him. You don’t know the standards he lives by. I only mentioned that he is the best of the best. Since I’m his wife of thirteen years, wouldn’t you be surprised if I didn’t think that? But again, you feel the need to comment on something you have absolutely no idea about. Thank you Mr. Anonymous for knowing not only the standards of a stranger but for deeming yourself to be so all-knowing that you could understand the will of God. That is quite impressive. Thankfully, I see through this crap too and I understand you are completely ignorant about God’s love.

As far as you claiming yourself to be the only source of unconditional love that is blasphemy, and makes you sound pretty full of yourself.” Once again, I’m not sure how I should take this as anything but an insult. However, I do understand why you would think I am full of myself. I believe in myself completely. I love every last detail about myself even the craziest most blasphemous parts. It is why I understand the concept of unconditional love. From that unconditional love of myself comes a sense of purpose and a sense of truth. I don’t expect you to understand that though because a person who would seek to lash out at another person for no other reason than because her beliefs are contradictory to your own is a person who is completely ignorant of what unconditional love truly is.

You sound like a very confused young lady but God can and will help anyone.” Thank you again Mr. Anonymous for stating something that didn’t need to be said. I am very open about the fact that I am confused. I seek to ask questions and share my experiences with others so that I may come to a better understanding of confusing situations than I could come to on my own. Your opinions about God have no place in this discussion about my life experiences.

You would know this if you could get over yourself and realize your opinion is not the most important thing on the planet, you don’t need to share it just because someone said something that goes against your beliefs. My beliefs are my own. No matter what words you say to me, my beliefs will continue to be my own. In the same sense, you beliefs are your own. Let me spout my crazy crap. If it offends you, DON’T READ IT.

If you happen to make the choice to read and find yourself offended, again I say, that’s your choice. Don’t punish me with unkind words and uninformed opinions to make yourself feel better after choosing to read offensive material. My blog isn’t about you. It is a way for me to work through my life and my experiences. If my rants bug you so much, please create your own little space in the world to rail against me. My blog is not your platform. Thank you very much. So take your negativity and your condemnation and go elsewhere. And just because I am able to call you out on your hypocritical judgments, does not mean I am not showing unconditional love. Love and understanding go hand in hand. I am able to show people unconditional love because people like you exist in the world – people that would choose to first lash out rather than love. While I may not like you for your actions, I still love you for the role you play in this world. And that my friend, is unconditional love. I may not like anything about you but I still love you for the individual that you are and all that you contribute to the world. I just wish your contributions would seek to raise people up rather than tear them down. But again, that is my wish and has nothing to do with you.

You can show me bible verse after bible verse about unconditional love and still never get the message across. I live and breathe unconditional love every single day. Let’s see whose message gets lost in the mix.

Thank you,

Kristan of Exploring Alura