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On April 4th, 2014 I woke up to some pretty exciting stats. My blog had simultaneously reached 800 views, 54 follows, and 50 likes. I was ecstatic and created a little something in my excitement.

On April 15th, 2014 I decided to participate in Blogging 201 hosted by the Daily Post. One of the first things we needed to do was create goals for ourselves. As I struggle with maintaining daily routines, I wanted my goals to be flexible enough that I wouldn’t feel resentful of them. And so I chose these three:

  • Publish three new pieces of content weekly through April, May, and June. One of which was to be an art piece of some form.
  • By August 15, 2014, raise follows by 64% up to 100. The super goal was to hit 100 by June 15.
  • Connect with the blogging community at least three hours each week.

This morning I have hit some pretty significant milestones, only a month after setting my initial goals. Today I have surpassed 2,100 views. I’m stoked because that’s 1,300 views in a month and half!!! I only started blogging in December so this is just crazy to me to have so many eyes on my work. On my heart. Every word I write, every photo I share, comes straight from my soul. Everything I write is everything I am.

In addition to blowing the views out of the water, I have surpassed 150 likes, which is up from 50 at the beginning of last month!!!

Finally, the big goal I was working towards…. 100 follows. I hit that today!!! Sorry for the excessive exclamation marks, but I feel it is important to stress the level of excitement I feel. One hundred people have taken the time to look at my work and then decided I was worth coming back to in the future. This is astonishing because I didn’t expect to reach this goal until much closer to August, and at the earliest in June. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined hitting my super goal only a month after setting it.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to making my dreams come true. I appreciate and love each and every one of you for the difference you are making in my life.

As I have achieved one of my goals, I feel it may be time to reassess and create new goals.

1. Get to know me! – My work is all that I am. I hope to connect to my readers through my heart and soul. I will continue to post three pieces a week now until August 15, 2014. In addition, I will create and share one piece of art each week. I am also considering adding a question and answer type feature to my blog by the same deadline. I often wonder if people would want to ask something of me. Maybe they do, maybe not. Going forward, at least I might give them the opportunity should they choose to take it.

2. It takes a community! – Last time around, I committed to spending three hours each week with the blogging community. I feel like I received so much from the time spent on my blog that I would like to double my time commitment. Each week, I hope to spend six hours, reading and commenting on my fellow bloggers work. I am looking to build stronger relationships with my current community and continue to grow the people who connect with me on a regular basis. I live for social interaction and I love feeling connected to the world.

3. Follow the leader! – I always wanted to be first in line as a child. I wanted everyone to follow me (can’t you just sense the brattiness from miles away?) Well as an adult, I find myself no different. I feel the world is operating under a sad misconception of what love truly is. I am taking it upon myself to teach others what unconditional love and acceptance looks and feels like. I also believe my blog will be my medium to reach the masses. And so I look to gain 400 follows by August 15, 2014, bringing my total follows to 500.  I believe in order to obtain follows you need quality content and lots of interaction with the blogging community. A lofty goal, but I will always be shooting for the stars!