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If I could pick just one message, one singular thought that I want every single fucking person to hear; to really listen and take to heart. This is it. Please. If you have ever read one of my posts. Forget now what it said if you have to. I don’t care. If I’m only given one shot, this is the the message I want to tell you. I recognize though, often people can say it better than I am able. So please, please, please take the four minutes and fifty eight seconds of the video and do nothing else but receive the message.

Listen to it. Hear what he is trying to tell you.

Watch it.  See what he is trying to show you.

Feel it. Only then can you truly make your decision.

What you choose to do after listening is completely up to you. But sometimes, we all need to realize we have a choice to make.

“We are a generation of idiots – Smart phones….dumb people.” So LOOK UP!