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Keep Akron BeautifulI absolutely love waking up to the beautiful music of spring. I awoke to birds chirping, light slowly creeping in, and feeling completely blissful.

This morning I have the distinct pleasure of being able to say that I am headed off to do some community service. What is blissfully awesome is that I’m not the only one in my home that’s excited. I get to share my desire to make a difference with my family! How incredible is that!?!

Patience has been asking for days now if we can start cleaning up the ground. Every time we are in the car, she points out all of the garbage just tossed about. It actually bothers her so when she sees trash, she picks it up. Some of the stuff she grabs to throw away is so gross and yet I can’t tell her to stop because immediately after, she also wants to wash her hands. And so I let her. She’s trying to change the world in her own six year old way. What kind of person would I be if I tried to squash that type of beauty all because of my own beliefs?

Patience and I are also including Prudence. While Prudence is like her mommy and tends to avoid chores like the plague, she still wants to join us. Even after I told her we would be cleaning…a lot. It just leaves me smiling and feeling all giddy. I don’t know yet what is fueling Pru’s desire to help – I haven’t been able to pick up on that but it excites me that she still wants to join us.

And so I head off to start getting my little angels ready to serve.

What a wonderful way to start the day.