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I like the idea of throw back Thursdays. Lately, I am feeling pulled in too many directions. I sincerely hope I able to turn my creativity into something that could provide for my family. I don’t know how to begin to explain how happy I would be if my wildest dreams came true but I would like to find out and give it a shot. I won’t rush though because I understand getting something substantial from art takes time. Unfortunately it also takes lots of effort. I have so many other real life commitments so I think I’m going to institute my own throw-back Thursday. I’ll use this day to look back through my old pieces and pick something that jumps out at me. It’ll give me a chance to review it, make any changes, meanwhile providing content you probably haven’t seen.

This week I thought I’d choose Homeless Homes. Please check it out! It has my unique idea on re-purposing old vacant homes.

This piece resonates with me because being homeless is a very real possibility for my family at this time. It is kind of scary. While I know we have truth on our side, our system is no longer concerned with right and wrong, truth or lies. No, here in America money talks and money walks.

Unfortunately for us, we don’t have the money for things like food and clothing…which means we definitely do not have the money needed to stand a fair shot in this arena we are being forced to duke it out in, aka the “justice” system,

It isn’t right I am being evicted because six months after signing the lease, we found lead paint that our landlord assured us was not a problem and asked him to fix it to code as well as start making headway on the five page document of other problems with the house. Problems that included things like black mold, asbestos, and foundation issues.

It isn’t right I am being asked to pay money that the landlord physically rejected from me. He was at my house, standing in the driveway talking to Patrick. I had the cash in hand, the same exact cash his partner instructed him to take only days prior, had agreed to take, yet that particular day he said he would not accept it. We got the eviction notice shortly after his refusal. Ironically, now he is evicting me for not paying that very rent and actually has the nerve to demand I pay it.

Lastly, I absolutely, wholeheartedly, one hundred percent, do not believe it is right or fair that I have to pay money (and not even small amounts of money) to defend my own personal interests from someone who is completely wrong in the situation. My landlord failed to properly disclose pertinent information about the home we lived in. Openly lied about dangerous living conditions. Despite receiving written notifications and numerous verbal warnings about all of the problems existing when we moved in, made negligible effort or progress toward repairs nor provided materials so I can fix the problems myself despite verbal promises to do so.  Not to forget the fact we actually tried to pay the rent they are evicting us for. All of this is truth. Absolute truth. They have absolutely no basis, right, or truth behind their civil action yet because I live in America, the only country where you pay for your freedoms, this slumlord is going to win because I am extremely unfortunate to not be fortunate financially.

It hits a nerve. And so with my nerve being pinched, I choose to share something positive, a way to provide homes to those without. Because I believe everyone deserves a home. I think it is criminal to make a profit on basic human necessities. Everyone should have the bare minimum. And if you want more than the minimum, awesome – pay for that. But not for the right to have a shelter over my head at night. Everyone should have that right because before there was society, primitive people took to caves as shelter from the storms. They didn’t have to pay for that privilege because it was what they need to survive. Why did we move away from so basic a principle?

Perhaps we are failing because we are failing to provide the basic necessities for society as a whole. We can never rise to greatness because we allow so many to live in absolute darkness.