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Writing and self confidence came to me after some of the darkest moments of my life. It is virtually impossible for me to distinguish which came first – but both have evolved together and have become very dear to me. What I am finding is the more I write, the deeper I am beginning to understand myself and what I have learned is that love is the fuel my body desires most.

Up to this point, I have only written when I have felt strongly moved to do so. My words have been a reflection of strong emotions, an important lesson learned, or a fun way to show affection. I have written so I can learn more about myself and better understand my limits. Now that I understand my writing will always enable self-discovery, I’m taking the next step to include others.

After writing for myself, more than anything I hope to reach out and connect with others. My words are a genuine reflection of me, and I hope I can expand my horizons to include others. Whether it be people who want to shape the world with love, someone looking for a ray of hope on a dark day, or that person who just needs a tip or two on how to please their partner – I want to welcome everyone. When you stop by my site, I hope to make you feel at home. Calming colors, eye-catching art, words to make you think, and the ever present comfort that unconditional love and understanding provides. If nothing else, I want you to walk away knowing I’m crazy about love.

I seek followers and I seek likes and views just as much as any of us putting ourselves out there does. However for me, quality trumps quantity. I desire to feel connected to each and every person that happens to come across my page. For me, I believe that will come from authenticity of content. I strongly believe whatever form my creativity takes should always be true to the person I have finally begun to love.

While I may work best when I ‘fly by the seat of my pants’ I understand this approach is not really conducive to growing a blog or a brand so I’m going to attempt to organize my chaos.

Goal 1: Content, Content, Content! I like the idea of publishing at least three times per week during April, May and June. I do not consider myself an artist, but my doodles are rapidly becoming just as important to me as my writing. To that effect, I am going to publish at least one media piece each week as well, whatever form that might take.

Goal 2: Build that brand! After starting this blog in December I have managed to work my way up to 61 followers. In the same time frame, by August 15, my goal is to grow that following to at least one hundred, a 64% growth. My super goal would be to hit one hundred followers by June 15.  My eyes are always to the sky!

Goal 3: Connect, Connect, Connect! I am a firm believer that you get what you give. If I want people to feel connected to me, I need to connect with others through their words and their work. I will be spending at least three hours each week connecting with the community I hope to create.

Now comes the fun part – achieving those goals!