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As I knelt on the ground while filling my bath, I spotted an eyelash on my arm. As I child, whenever I found a stray lash, I would make a wish and blow it away with a kiss. As I picked up the eyelash on my fingertip, I wished the world would be filled with love and compassion again, overflowing with light and warmth. But as I blew my kiss, the eyelash failed to move even a little.

I paused and immediately felt I had made the wrong wish. While sincere, the eyelash was my own. I felt strongly I should wish for myself alone. But what did I need?

Love? My home and life are overflowing with that. Need not waste a wish there.

Happiness? I am in a constant state of bliss. The struggles and trials we endure have a fleeting effect on me. The effect lessens as I learn my lesson, leaving me feeling peaceful, content… happy.

Security? I have it spades. My life is positively bursting with love and happiness. And I will always feel secure knowing I am loved and happy.

So what to wish for? As I couldn’t think of anything for myself I start thinking for my other half and my core unit. I wished they could find the peace and serenity I have found so we can carry it together always. And then it clicked!

I want my family, my love, my happiness around me at all times. My first wish wasn’t wrong, it just wasn’t specific enough. I want my world to surround me with unconditional love.

This time my kiss blew the wish out to the world.