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I have little in the ways of our society. Money has become an essential part of our society and sadly it comes in short supply for my family. I believe, all too often, my fiancé and I are forced into making bad decisions simply because we cannot afford to make the right one. On April 1, my fiancé and I took a firm stance on corporate greed.  I have no money to lend my voice strength, but I attempted to make my voice as loud as possible with my words. 


To date, nothing has come of fighting the man. My fiancé was given another offer and it still did not bring him to the salary guaranteed him two year priors. Selected to be in the Executive Mentor program, Employee of the Month, and consistently working long hours and weekends, they were still unable to even bring his salary to a competitive wage. Together we decided that he could no longer work for a company that had such little respect for its employees. Being the outstanding person he is, he gave them two weeks notice and will leave his position April 25.

We have nothing to fall back on.  I am a stay at home mom who just decided to ask the sole wage earner to walk away from a comfortable position. However, every single day my fiancé goes to work he is miserable. He is miserable because he is underpaid for the exemplary work he does, ignored by management, and always expected to do more with less and less. It is just such a bad situation.

I honestly will be a happier person having him home and happy then sending him off to a place where he is neither respected nor appreciated. Money will continue to be an issue with us, as it has been for years. At least now we can focus on being happy.


Thank you to the Daily Post for your Daily Prompt: Fight the Power!