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Corporate greed makes me sick. More and more they ask of their employees, yet they are willing to pay less and less. Working hard, loyalty, and sacrificing family time apparently means nothing. “Do more with less” they told everyone and so he did. He did more and more, never complaining, never asking for credit, though he deserves it twenty times over. And when it comes time to finally thank him for all the time and effort he put it, to show him they appreciate everything he gave them so willingly without them even having to ask it, they returned his dedication with a cold hard slap in the face.

Shame on you corporations who line your pockets on the backs of hardworking people. Shame on you who break the will of good honest working men, who even after this still would give you the benefit of the doubt. I hope, sincerely hope, there is karmic retribution in store for corporations. It seems only fitting as they have received personhood in the eyes of  government. You corporations take and take, and take still more, and yet nothing is ever returned. Someday, oh someday, I just pray I see the fall of corporate greed and a return to valuing a good honest day’s work.

Two years ago my fiancé received an unsolicited job offer that included a significant salary increase. Being the stand up person he is and a loyal company man, he went to his superiors knowing they couldn’t meet the new job’s salary increase, but he liked his job and the people he worked with and for so he was willing to take less to stay. Two years ago, they asked what it would take to keep him. They gave a number that made him stick around. Today, after two years, which included a promotion, he was brought in for part two of his yearly review and offered a raise. After this raise, he still was not at the number promised, the number they guaranteed to keep him around.

I told him I believed he should quit today on principle. Companies should invest in their best and brightest if they hope to be great. This company has become a shell of what it used to be, both inside and out. Today’s actions very clearly demonstrate why they are falling apart. Regardless of what their financial statements may say, they are bankrupt based solely on treatment of their employees. The only positions in the company that receive competitive wages are at a director level and above. This speaks loudly about who the company respects and is concerned for.

While a part of me believes corporations care for their employees, I don’t believe it is in the way they should: their care and concern exists only when business might be affected. To me, an employee who works long hours, for little pay, without complaint or recognition, continuously offering ways to improve the company yet cost nothing, covering up and smoothing over faults and mistakes to always present a good face to the client, and always, always, always believing the company had his best interests at heart is such an extremely valuable commodity. If I had a business, that is the ideal I would want in every employee. But that must just be me.

Hard worker or not, whether a twenty year veteran to four years tenure, well managed teams or makeshift workarounds makes no difference – this company must line their pockets first. Who cares if they burn out every single employee on their mad trek towards whatever goal they have concocted? There has been a mass exodus of employees from every part of the company, top to bottom, from lowly Account Reps all the way up to the VPs. Their ‘doing more with less’ isn’t some catchy slogan, it has become absolutely essential and indicates a huge internal problem. With the ridiculous amounts of work being shoveled on the few remaining employee’s plates, you would think the hardest workers would be thanked for sticking it through the rough times. You would think. I did at least.

Nope. Unfortunately, once again the color green talks – and this corporation has made their feeling on the matter crystal clear: Better to keep it for myself than help out the people who actually earn the money for me. How extraordinarily fitting this particular company adopted green as their corporate color scheme.