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It is interesting to me how things can have a drastic effect on you, sometimes with little or no provocation. This morning my fiance, Patrick, was taking his morning bath. While tending to my morning needs, I was informed that the Dodgers had broken the Yankee’s fifteen year streak of being the biggest spenders in regards to salary.  I was incensed. How is that noteworthy news? Over the years, I have rather enjoyed that the Yankee’s consistently have the highest payroll yet are unable to consistently bring home the championship. To me it is the universe screaming that money cannot get you everything you want, yet here is another batter ready to step up and see what they can get.

I appreciate professional sports. I appreciate the role they play in our society. These athletes have god given talent to do amazing things with their bodies. The feats they perform are special, absolutely, and not easily replicated. But are their talents so amazing that they need to be paid millions upon millions of dollars? Personally, I don’t think so. If I’m deciding who needs ridiculous salaries for their contribution to the world, it would be to the people who help shape and change the world.

Highest on my list are teachers. These are the people we have entrusted with the health and wellness of our next generation. Their responsibility is enormous. They are tasked with guiding youth, in a nurturing environment, teaching them the skills they need to succeed in life, as they make their mark upon the world. As it appears to me, students are no longer being armed with life skills necessary to succeed but rather served test-taking skills so we can show the world how smart we are…. on paper.

On paper – It is ironic to me how naturally that phrase flowed into my writing because our society has placed such an overwhelming importance on paper. Paper money. Paper tests. Looking good on paper. But as the phrase suggests, looking good on paper is a hollow victory because at the end of the day, there’s no depth, nothing to help it stand its ground.