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This morning I was in my usual mad frenzy to get everything ready for everyone leaving the house. It is always chaotic and it is never the same. This morning’s delay came in the form of a fun request: an expression of interest in “releasing the pressure”. Well, I felt I had a million different things to get done in a short period of time. But regardless of whether I continued my prepping frenzy or took some time “cleaning the pipes,” I was going to feel frazzled and crazy. My thought was that at least one of us could feel relaxed.

So without missing a beat, I seductively wiggled my hips and gyrated myself right into the bathroom, turning and pausing in the doorway to beckon him to join me. The baby was having her morning bottle and the girls were watching their morning show – what better time?!?

When we came out of the bathroom there were smiles on both of our faces. I still had a million things I felt I needed to get done but now I didn’t feel as pressured. Somehow releasing the buildup for someone else, at the expense of my own time and peace of mind, brought about my own relaxation and increased ability to manage stress.

You get what you give.

I eagerly gave out love, comfort, relaxation, and release. In a fun cosmic twist, I was left feeling as though I had received the same. Suddenly my day was looking bright and cheerful, rather than tainted with the grey tint stress always seems to give things.