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As a warning, this post may ride the fine line between appropriate and inappropriate. If you would care to avoid reading about sexually explicit acts, I want to suggest for you to stop reading now. I seek to inform those who want this type of information.

That being said, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Here are my top five tips for giving mind blowing head:

1. Worship the twig and berries – Above all else, make your man believe that his package is the very most important thing to you in your LIFE, even if it is only for that moment. Lightly run your fingers over bulge in his pants. Gently caress his balls as you slowly unzip and unfasten his button. Unwrap his package like it is a present you’ve been waiting a century for. Plant gentle kisses all over as you get your hands on it for the first time.  Moan in pleasure as you FINALLY take it in your mouth. The importance here is on projecting nothing but an all-consuming desire for his manhood.

2. Variety is the spice of life – Mix it up and try different things. Long and soft, short and fast strokes, palm down grasp, palm up with massaging the balls with your hand, different speeds and varying pressures. Try lightly running your tongue up the underside of the shaft or swirling your tongue around the head of the penis. Lightly lick the underside of head. Suck on the end of the penis while you trace patterns with your fingertips along the shaft. Keeping in mind to worship the cock, do anything you think might feel good because odds are, it will.

3. Blowjobs are not just limited to the mouth – When I am pleasing my partner, I use my whole body and try to involve his whole body as well. Multi-tasking is the best frame of mind to be in for this tip. While I am sucking on his penis, I may be stroking his shaft with my right hand, running my fingers lightly over his chest with my left, and pressing my breasts up against his legs as I work, simultaneously. I try to make sure any part of my body that could be pleasing him, actually is. Keeping in mind to mix it up, I like to switch between stroking, sucking, rubbing, kissing, wrapping my breasts the shaft and sucking on the head. Try to make every touch feel like it is dripping with passion and desire.

4. A chafed penis is not a happy penis – It is vitally important to any quality blow job to keep the penis well lubricated. Absolutely essential. With continuous rubbing and stroking, it is very easy for the skin to dry out and start chafing from the friction. In my experience, it is unnecessary to buy anything special to lube it up. Though, I will say that store bought lubricants can be nice and offer some fun options to play around with. For me, the best lube is always the saliva I get from deep throating/gagging. When I’m sucking and things start to dry up, I might intentionally shove the penis down my throat to produce a mild gagging reflex. That gag reflex produces a really thick and slippery saliva. It is perfect for stroking and other penis fun. If any part of you catches on the penis when you didn’t think it should, put some more lube on it. I have yet to find myself wishing I had used less lubrication.

5. Always be handling the cock – The focus of any blowjob should always be on the penis. Mixing it up and including other parts of your partner’s body is just an added bonus – doing so should never take away from pleasing the penis. It’s an inside joke, but I say to remember ABS: Always be stroking. I might stop sucking to run my tongue over his abdomen, but as I remove my mouth from his dick, my hand replaces it and continues the pleasure in a different but continuous fashion. The important thing to take away from this tip: always be pleasing the penis.