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Patience's Fireplace

This is an example of how being a parent can be incredibly rewarding.

Fireplace Decorations idea for our wedding.

My Fireplace Decorations Doodle

I am no artist. But to Patience my doodle of fireplace decorations for our wedding was incredible. She said she wants to be like me when she grows up “because I do good work.” Then this morning she has a mind to sit down and recreate the fireplace drawing herself. She loves drawing! So we sat down and sketched the outline of the fireplace and decorated it. She even asked me to help her color. I love that we found something to bond over.

Maybe I’m more artsy than I realize….

I bond with Patience over drawing
I bond with Prudence over singing and dancing
I bond with Providence because she is one of three of the most beautiful little babies ever
I attempt to bond with the world through my writing
And I will forever love Patrick because he creates my world and fills it in with such warm and loving colors.

It is all about the art.