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Over the past few days I have been having flashes of what I would like my wedding to look like. Unfortunately, right now is not a good time for setting money aside for an expensive party, so I am left to my dreams. But as I dream, I notice a pattern. My doodles all seek to show the same thing. Love.

I want my wedding to tell the story of our love. While I can’t afford a fancy cake or extravagant decorations, I want every little detail of my wedding to speak of Patrick and I and the bond we share.

I see the wedding being warm and light, simple and elegant, rich and deep. Everything from the colors, to the decorations, down to the ambiance will tell our story.

My wedding won’t be the fashion event of the year or even week but it will be something to remember. I hope our guests come and immediately feel the power and intensity of our love. I want them to share in our joy and happiness and for one night, one party not question whether they have ever been in the presence of love. They will see and feel true blemished yet unconditional love.

Oh how I dream.