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Sometimes it makes me wonder, are the people who are constantly letting everyone know how well things going for them, how life couldn’t be better, that dreams really do come true, actually the saddest or unhappiest of us all? Is their good fortune real or is it like a funhouse mirror, stretching the truth to make reality seem more appealing?

I believe dreams come true. I believe life can be good, fantastic, exciting, spontanteous, and a million other adjectives. I’m wildly optimistic, but I don’t believe life can be perfect. There is always going to be something to work through. Always. For those living the “damn near perfect” life, their problems might be minor in the grand scheme of things, but there are problems nonetheless.

So are those countless posts a day spouting how good life is actually indicative of a deeper issue?

When I was battling depression (and sometimes to this day), at my lowest points I would get incredibly active on Facebook. Posting selfies (only ones that minimized my flaws), touching stories, or outright bragging about something good. For me, it was always a cry for attention. I wanted people to notice me, compliment me, think it’s awesome how good things are going for me. It didn’t matter that things weren’t all that peachy, that I felt like crap, that I secretly wished what I posted was indicative of real happiness instead of the fake kind.

Because all of my braggart posting was the equivalent of a photoshopped picture on the cover of a magazine – highlighting all the good, but never admitting the bad.

Is that just people in general? 

I’m not speaking about posting pictures of a baby or children, or engagements, or those other big life events. I’m speaking only of the people who have nothing else to say than how good their own fortunes are.

Is this a cry for attention or am I perhaps viewing it negatively? Am I seeing a truly happy person and interpretting their sharing of good times as over the top and bragging?

Am I doubting other people’s happiness because of the problems in my own life?  It’s definitely a possibility, but I don’t think a likely one. I see plenty of people on my timeline sharing their good experiences and I rejoice with them, never questioning the authenticity. But when I see a person who floods their wall with bragging and self taken pictures, I question. I wonder.

Why all of the selfies? Are they a cry for compliments? Feeling insecure? Is there no one else to take pictures? Are regular pictures not good enough at covering up something? Why brag if you’re happy? Lots of people are going through rough times. If things are really going that well and nothing ever goes wrong, why make someone who isn’t potentially feel worse? Are things really that good? If things are so good, why is so much time spent online bragging about the awesomeness instead of actually living it?

When I used to disappear from Facebook, it would be because I was out with my friends, spending time with my family, having fun, living life. When I was posting pictures, bragging about my good fortunes, it was normally done when I was alone and sad or just unhappy in general. Is that just me?

Are those living the perfect life according to Facebook really the ones who need love the most?

On a side note, I post selfies. I’m posting one with this. But I’m going to be real. I have no makeup on, I haven’t plucked my eyebrows in almost two years, you can see the red mark on my chest from where Providence gouged me with her cute little talons, and my hair is pulled back in a ponytail because it is a greasy mess, I took only one photo, and it took every ounce of willpower to post it.

Flaws and all

Flaws and all

Thank goodness for grainy iPod Touch photos.