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Mind Body Soul

I’ve often felt that I’m more spiritual than religious. Religion, to me, feels like a place where information I seek is lorded over, withheld unless I can pay some price. I understand the need to receive money for buildings and upkeep, funding community activities, and other worthy causes. I just feel that if institutions of religion center on higher powers not of this world, why is there such the focus on the cash? Shouldn’t the focus be bringing as many people to the light instead of what pretty colored windows that light can shine through? It’s a callous over-generalization of the entire institution of religion, I recognize this but it doesn’t change how I feel.

I believe though that from the bad, so comes the good. I do appreciate different aspects of religion as I know it to be. I love how groups of like minded individuals congregate together – Come together and rejoice in life, learning and growing spiritually. That is beautiful. To be able to let minds explore an idea or feeling and find a mutual standing ground so they can better learn and grow. It is amazing and I want that for myself.

So where is home for my soul? Where can I learn and grow spiritually? Are there like minded individuals, such as myself?  Each day I’m learning more about myself, mind body and soul. I’m also learning to trust in my beliefs.

So here’s what I have so far:

– I believe that it is essential to be a good person and that doing so is good for all levels of existence; mind, body, and soul. It’s essential because I believe that you get what you give.

– I believe that we are all connected and that everything is cyclical. Good always follows bad. We need both to better know the other. How high can we reach if we don’t know how low the bottom is?

– I believe there is something greater at work in my life. I can’t put a name or concept to it or even what form it might take – that’s for greater minds than my own to debate. I find comfort knowing something is guiding me along a path. Where I end up is my own choice, but that there’s always a driving force behind all things.

– I believe in life after death. Again, I can’t speak on what form that might take. That’s another topic for greater minds to debate. As all things are connected, the actions in this life have an effect on the next one. It ties back into the need to be a good person. Cyclical.

– I believe in love. It is essential for to give my heart and share what I can to help others. Because I believe helping others helps myself. Selfish? Perhaps. But what a beautiful way to be selfish.  I also believe that love does conquer all. With kindness and understanding, can’t any storm be quelled?

– I accept others beliefs as their own. I strongly believe every mind works in its own way, needs its own way to reach spiritual peace. As long as someone believes in being a good person, believes in helping instead of harming others, then they are okay in my book.

– Lastly, I believe in balance and moderation. The mind, body, and soul are like a triangle. They must be cared for equally because without one side, the triangle ceases to exist. All sides are connected – Too much of one will throw the other parts out of balance.

I have so many questions. So many feelings. I’m beginning to identify and explore all of them, seemingly at once. It feels like my head is a chaotic swirling mess of doubts and fears with a generous helping of hope and optimism. Where does what I’m finding I believe in fit in?

I am aware that I speak from a place of ignorance. I just don’t know enough, perhaps anything at all. I only know how I feel so I’m leading with that. It just seems like there has to something out there similar to what I believe. Like-minded people out there who I can learn and grow with.

Certainly in this diverse world, something somewhere must be a good fit for my beliefs, right?