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Wouldn’t that be exciting?!? A billion dollars. I can’t even comprehend all the ways my life would change. But as I start listing off all the things I would do for myself and the ones I love, I want to consider all the things I could do for others. I’m a firm believer in getting what we give and with a billion dollars I would have so much to share.

I would start in my neighborhood. Highland Square is filled with GORGEOUS homes built in the early 1900s but so many are in need of a little love and care. How many houses could I fix up with a billion dollars? New roofs, new appliances, a little would go a long way. Even if a house needs gutted, wouldn’t preserving the beauty from a period lost to us be a wonderful gift to our next generation? These houses were made to last, so I’d help them last.

How many neighbors could I surprise with a couple bags of groceries, lightening their burden just a bit? I wonder how many people in the streets around me are skipping meals, cutting costs where they can, just so they can live. I happened to visit a food pantry yesterday and the bag of groceries I received was a life saver. I’d give a sizable portion of the billion helping others eat.

Schools? I feel too often we throw money at education and expect it to change. Money isn’t the issue. I could throw endless dollars into a fire, it only serves to further fuel the flame rather than extinguishing it. So how could a billion dollars help education? Greater minds could come up with greater ideas. Mine is nothing more than to give to the children. Give them what they need to have the best opportunity to learn. That can take so many forms – books, clothes, transportation, or even just someone to sit with them or guide them.

A billion dollars is an unfathomable amount of money, as unfathomable as the countless ways I could spend it. My intent, though, is singular. Help others.