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I wonder if all life isn’t a giant balancing act. We take in one area so we can excel in another. A friend of mine is an atheist with open disdain for anyone who believes in a higher power. He is very outspoken about believing them to be stupid, offering the fact there is no tangible proof of a divine being’s power as evidence of their stupidity.

They aren’t stupid, by any means. However, in a basic sense, aren’t believers suspending some element of logic to believe? Believers “give up” a little of their “intelligence” to reap greater rewards of the soul, running on faith alone, finding proof unnecessary. Along the same line, if I’m not mistaken, many religions also adhere to fasting. Starving the body to feed the soul.

As I’m going through my own form of awakening, I wonder if there isn’t truth to that in a bigger sense. I’ve often joked that the strongest people aren’t really the brightest and how brainiacs never seem to be really physically talented. As have many of my friends. To me it seems like a triangle. Mind, body, soul. Always connected, eternal. And no matter how you change it, a triangle will always add up to 180º. Give of strength, gain in mind. Give of mind, gain in strength. Give of mind and body, gain in the soul.

So perhaps the path to real happiness is finding the balance. How much do I need to give of my body and mind to gain inner peace? I work hard every day taking care of my family. It stresses me out, sometimes bringing out the most awful sides of me, but in return I receive this blissful contentedness. I’m literally and metaphorically starving in so many ways, but I’m finding a sense of peace in my life.

I wish I could find a way to suspend worrying about my troubles and focus on my joy. Because there is so much of that in my life. I just feel like it gets lost in the commotion of bills, money, work, and really just life in general. So does that mean I’m too busy to enjoy life? Or does it mean I’m working too hard on the wrong things? Give of one to gain in another. My worry and concern over finances may be diminishing my ability to find joy.

As I’ve begun to accept I may not get everything I hoped for in life, I am finding I am getting more than I expected in other ways and without doubt getting what I need in all ways.