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Understanding comes from the brain
Belief comes from the heart-entwined-soul
Strength comes from the body
True Conviction comes only when the mind, body, and soul come together to create an unstoppable force.

2015 Update:

Written: 12/23/2013

Excerpt: Sometimes it is wiser to divide ourselves into the pieces that feel right in the parts that make the most sense with minimal effort and maximum output as an absolute right and true success as an assured reward.

Thoughts: It is a widely accepted belief that we are all different. Yet by some weird phenomenon beyond my comprehension we find ourselves in a society where everyone is trying desperate to be “normal” as defined by some enigmatic figure no one can really point their finger at. To this I wonder why? Why would I ever allow an anonymous source determine what makes me happy? Why would I ever believe anyone but myself would know the cure to the sadness that plagues my existence? Why would I ever trust that someone would put my absolute needs before their own? Why would I ever choose to hand over my fate to someone who I can’t see making my decisions for me? Since I can’t see who “they” are, “know” that they are choosing correctly, “feel” they have my best interests at heart, or “believe” they are leading me to a better life, then why would I ever put my “faith” into something that has never proven itself to be true and honest? So many questions to which I cannot find concrete answers to. And so I have come to accept that I am the only one that knows what is truly best for my wellbeing. That being said, I am still amenable to the idea that others out there may have practices and procedures that could benefit me more than my current way of life. So I’m literally open to all walks of life so long as they run parallel to my own and cause no disruption to those around it. If I can find myself wanting to be entirely unique while opening myself up to everyone else, is it possible that is something we as humanity should be capable of?

Hope: I hope that people can begin to look inward and detail that which makes them uniquely special and specially qualified and specifically unique while allowing them to go with the flow of everyone else. I believe our unique differences are a unique blend of everything it takes to create the perfect blend of wrong and right to come together for the perfect taste of perfection.

Moral: A puzzle is put together one piece at a time. A body of work is no different. It is necessary to determine the frame to be filled in or the picture to be created before attempting to group similar pieces together which must take place before attempting to fill in the holes which happens in its entirety before completing the puzzle.