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I’m wondering why parables stand the test of time. For instance, the boy who cried wolf. Is it because of the inherent truth they tell? It seems to me that truth cannot be erased. It just is and therefore cannot be truly destroyed. One plus one will always equal two. Lies, on the other hand, I feel like they die with their creator. They can only be spread if someone wills it to happen.

Often times the I believe the truth gets somehow hidden or warped. It’s always present, you may just have to look for it. I mean, murder is universally unacceptable and always has been. People/laws/countries may differ on what constitutes murder, but by and large, I think people hold that murder is wrong.

Why get caught up on what we don’t agree on rather than rejoicing that we have something in common? Wouldn’t it be easier to find the common ground that runs between us and use it as a stepping stone to accomplish something better? I don’t know what that better might be or how to go about getting the ball rolling but it feels like we could be doing more.

Maybe it’s just starting with something as simple as the truth.

2015 Update:

Written: 12/20/2013

Excerpt: Truth is a vitally important aspect to healthy living and loving relationships. In a world where we mask our true selves to present a politically correct face to outsiders, is it possible that we are unable to realize how dishonest our lifestyles have become?

Thoughts: Truth cannot be destroyed. It can altered, manipulated, omitted, and misrepresented however it is absolutely impossible to deny its existence. For me this is a cosmic rule that explains why history keeps repeating itself. While we bicker over battles, fight about fallacies, and war against worlds, as a society we fail to first decipher what it is that history is trying to tell us. Before any problem can be solved, any procedure can be implemented, or any plan takes place it is vitally important to absolutely determine what the root cause of the problem is. Without doing that, the foundation of solving is built on sand that will be swept away in the next test of stability and structure in the face of chaos.

Moral: Brushing the hard facts of life aside doesn’t make it any easier to cope. Sweeping dirty lies under the rug doesn’t make the glaring problem any less obvious. When you want to clean up your mess, do it right. Dive into the dirty details and wash out the filthy lies. Leave yourself with something worth saving and able to be solved.