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Sometimes I wonder if “primitive” people, as deemed so by modern society, are truly that primitive. It feels they may be closer to enlightenment than myself. They seem to find happiness in the value of life as opposed to the value of the items we accumulate in a lifetime. They work hard to live, in as basic of a sense as there is. In that hard work, I feel may come a deeper appreciation for what life has to offer.

We, the “civilized” work hard too but we work hard to get a break. Our modern conveniences give us more time, but I know I don’t spend that time productively. Instead of spending uninterrupted time with the kids, I stress over what more I need to get done. Every day is a constant struggle on what more I need to do and about how I didn’t do enough.

I appreciate not having to walk to the local watering hole to get myself a drink when I’m thirsty. It makes getting frustrated about packing the kids up and hauling them to the store seem so petty. Shouldn’t I appreciate that I only have to go 5 minutes down the road, with a warm roof over my head the whole way? That I have children that annoy the daylights out of me? Too soon they’ll be grown and I’ll wish for the days when they wanted to go to the store.

I think I’m realizing I’ve been missing the beauty of the day to day. Yes, I get up every morning and pick out clothes for the whole house. Yes, it stresses me every single day. I could pick the clothes out the night before but I don’t. It’s indicative of my whole life. And as messy and quirky as it is, it’s beautiful too.

2015 Update:

Written: 12/18/2013

Excerpt: Their bodies are sacrificed daily. For that extreme devotion to life, they are granted the deepest fulfillment life has to offer. Life comes hard and fast yet their rewards are exponentially increased due to the limited nature of their existence. Their boon is having no loss instead receiving endless opportunity to gain.

Thoughts: I find myself in a place where I feel primitive. I am surrounded by modern conveniences that I actively use in my daily life to make my life easier. And yet I feel a sense of deprivation. My life is devoid of a deep sense of connection that my heart and soul yearn for. When I am walking barefoot around my neighborhood I feel a sense of peace because my feet are connecting with the path I am treading. When my life is being propelled forward by technology and agendas I can’t know about, I feel helpless and lost.  If I had to choose between shades of primitive and shades of modern technology, I feel my utopia would embrace a primitive stance on valuing additions to life while embracing the natural benefit natural (“green”) technology offers all.

Hope: After reading this piece it remains my eternal hope people will begin questioning the daily assumptions they make about life as it really exists.

Moral: Simple can mean complex while complex can be simply wrong.